Innovative Tower To Feature Atrium Of Wind Turbines


The “Clean Technology Tower” is a highly efficient building which will be constructed in Chicago. The tower will have wind turbines positioned at the corners of the building, to capture wind at its highest velocity as it accelerates around the tower. At the apex, where wind speeds are at a maximum, a domed double roof cavity directs the wind towards an array of wind turbines. The negative pressure created by the turbines will be used to ventilate interior spaces. The dome itself is shaded by solar cells that capture the southern sun.


The complex includes over 1.8 million square feet of office space as well as a 300,000 square foot hotel, a spa and street-level retail.

It was designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, the same firm who designed the recently featured solar Masdar Headquarters.


This tower in Chicago is an evolution of the Pearl River Tower which both Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill were responsible for while at SOM. Where Pearl River used the face of the building to funnel wind into two large turbine zones this design uses an array of smaller turbines at the corners of the building to catch the wind at its highest velocity.


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  1. samantha buglione

    helo, is possible to use a kind of this turbine in a house? I am from Brazil and I am looking some ecological alternative… (and chip alternative!! :0)

  2. I don’t see any name for the building. I can find what might be on another sight the Clean Tech Tower? But Is it Scheduled to be built? Have a Location ready to break ground? Is this merely one of hundreds of buildings planned that might not get built? How about the Chicago Spire cancelled even when started among others due to the economy? I get the technology but are these buildings merely planned or scheluled like this one for Chicago. Because far too many skycrapers in the US get planned and not built.

  3. Richard Crossley

    Terrible idea!
    The only reason nobody has been killed by a wind turbine is that there is usually nobody around when it fails! As a turbine designer I would have to double my safety factors to be able to sleep at night, and dont even get me started on the huge oscillating structural loads created by a turbine. Most turbines, therefore, only have a life of 20 years , I would hope that you would like your building to last a bit longer than this. I love wind turbines but I wouldn’t want to live within 500 mtrs of one.

  4. “I wonder about the noise all the turbines lower down the building will create it could be difficult sleeping”

    Those vertical axis turbines are not nearly as noisy as the traditional ones and I suspect that they can do a lot with sound proofing in the design. It is something that the designers would need to be aware of but I suspect that it is not an insurmountable problem.

  5. great idea to bring people closer to the process and actually see the turbines.

    I wonder about the noise all the turbines lower down the building will create it could be difficult sleeping

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