Energy Efficient Upgrades That Pay For Themselves

Energy Efficient Upgrades That Pay For Themselves
Home improvement can pay for itself, and even put cash back in your pocket – if you’re putting your money in the right places.  Renovations that increase your home’s energy efficiency aren’t just nice for the environment, they can be economical as well.  The folks at One Block Off The Grid offer a great guide to help you sort out which upgrades make the most sense for your home.

The graphic highlights a range of improvements, both big and small, that will cut your utility bills while reducing your home’s environmental footprint.  Each project is marked with four key figures:  average annual savings, projected savings over a 20-year period, the amount of time for the project to pay for itself, and the cost of the renovation.

Energy Efficient Upgrades That Pay For Themselves
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The handy illustration points out that in terms of financial investment, many of these home upgrades can offer a better payoff than traditional investments like stocks or CDs.  And depending where you live, incentives like rebates and tax breaks can make the renovation costs substantially cheaper.

These aren’t just long-term projects, either:  upgrades like low-flow showerheads and programmable thermostats can pay for themselves in less than a year, making them a good choice for renters as well as homeowners.  Larger scale renovations on the other hand, like a green roof or solar array, have the potential to save a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

(via One Block Off The Grid)

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