The Largest Vertical Garden In The World: Singapore’s College Central

The largest Vertical Garden in the world is in Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education College Central.

It’s installed on eight blocks of the campus. The wall stands 35 meters tall (115ft) and it covers 5,300 square meters (57,000 sq ft).

Another block of the green wall in the university

The name of the green wall is underwhelming — it’s called the “Elmich VGM Green Wall”. It was constructed by Elmich VGM using their Versi Wall product.

The aim was the highlight the university’s eco-initiatives.

The system has certified to withstand wind uplift at 110km/h (100 ft/sec).

For more information on Living Walls, see the book Vertical Gardens by Harriet Klotz and Leigh Clapp.

More project details on this green wall can be found here.

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