Experiment: Growing Pink Oyster Mushroom In 10 Days

This is my first pink oyster mushroom harvest.

Pink oysters are seldom seen in stores because they are delicate and their shelf life is short. However, oyster mushrooms are the easiest mushroom to grow indoors.

The mushrooms took about a week to grow. I sprayed the mushroom “substrate” or growing medium with water twice daily as instructed. A spray bottle was included with the kit. The mushrooms tasted great in a vegetable stir-fry.

These mushrooms were part of a Three-Pack Mushroom Grow Kit from Blue Farmers in Maine.

A harvest of Brown Oyster Mushrooms growing indoors
A harvest of Brown Oyster Mushrooms growing indoors

The kit produced the harvest seen above, and apparently, the kit may yield a couple more mushroom harvests.

Here are some cooking notes from the FreshCap Mushroom blog:

Pink Oysters are delicious and look incredible, but they lose most of their color upon cooking. They can be cooked to take on the flavor of bacon, and serve as a good substitute for bacon bits. Can be bitter unless cooked thoroughly.

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