A Rare and Underrated Lettuce: Marvel Of Four Seasons

The “Marvel of Four Seasons” lettuce is a beautiful and underrated lettuce!

This lettuce is not only radiantly colorful — it’s also delicious. The leaves are crisp and tender.

The “Four Season” name comes from the fact that the lettuce can be harvested in extended seasons. This means it will thrive in a range of climates. This lettuce is very easy to grow.

The Marvel of Four Seasons has been enjoyed in Europe for centuries. It’s classified as a French butterhead lettuce with bibb-type rosette leaves.

This lettuce was featured in Vilmorin’s 1885 book “The Vegetable Garden“, where it was listed as the most “highly coloured of all the Lettuces grown about Paris.”

You can grow this lettuce using an Aerogarden and the Salad Greens Mix Seed Pod Kit (6-pod)

Non-GMO seeds are available on Amazon: Marvel of Four Seasons.

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