Growing Green Onions In An Aerogarden

You can grow green onions easily in an Aerogarden. Just purchase some green onions from the grocery store, and plant them in an Aerogarden Harvest using Green Onion Aerogarden Pods ($14).

Green Onion Pods For An Aerogarden

These are third-party pods available on eBay that are designed to re-grow green onions. The pods are printed with a 3D thermoplastic polyester, which is non-toxic and biodegradable. The pods are reusable.

To harvest, cut the tops off the green onions with a pair of scissors about 1-2 inches above the root. Since the roots are trimmed and clean, it will take a few weeks for the onions to start growing in earnest.

Once the roots are regrown, the onions will regrow in a week. You can harvest the green onions 3-5 times before replacing them. If using very thin green onions, use a toothpick through the side holes to help hold the green onions in place till roots start to form. 

Adding A Grow Tent

You’ll also notice I’ve added a reflective “tent” over the Aerogarden. This is a “Hydroponics Mylar Grow Tent” ($10). It reflects the LED light on the plants and increases the growth rate. It is said to provide 98% grow light reflection. It is equipped with a visual mesh window, which ventilates the plants and allows you to monitor their growth. 

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