Most Efficient Burn Treatment: Fresh Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe VeraThe most efficient treatment for burns is: aloe vera gel. Nothing in the world heals burns faster and more effectively. There’s no reason why everyone can’t have access to at least one of these plants, since they are easy to grow indoors. To get best results, the gel must be fresh and undiluted.

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  1. Fresh aloe from your garden is the best and only real aloe burn remedy there is. Read the ingredients on the bottle of any lotion or gel that says it contains aloe. It will also contain a lot of chemicals, fillers, colorants, and preservatives. Grow and aloe plant indoors or outdoors and keep it handy! We used it in Alaska for frostbite as well.

  2. I burned myself BADLY being dumb 4 days ago – I pulled the heating unit from the electric griddle when finished ‘griddling’ pancakes and dropped and tried catching it as a reflex action. Well, I caught it alright.

    Rather than the automatic ‘run under cold water’, I grabbed the Made from Earth Aloe & Jojoba Lotion and slowly dribbled it into my hand and let it run over the side where the worst part of the burn was. Because it had been in the frig and was cold, I could feel the relief right away but as it dried, it hurt like heck.

    I repeated the application throughout the day about 5 times, using maybe 4 drops each time. It is now 4 days since I was that dumb and I never got a blister, never had it bubble up, it never scabbed over, and this morning I can barely see it. It did scar a teeny bit, but nothing like I thought it would based on my past experiences of burning myself. This situation alone will definitely ensure I NEVER run out of this stuff.

  3. will aloe in a bottle from the store work?
    my burn is from a dirtbike about the size of a biscuit, and either first or secong degree.. it red, and sore with bruising around it is this normal, and it itches, any healing tips would be greatly appreciated

    thanks, jarrod

  4. will aloe gel from the store in a bottle work?
    my burn is about the size of a biscuit from an exhaust pipe on a dirtbike..
    its either a first or second degree burn any tips whatso ever will be greatly appriciated..


  5. A few years ago, I went sailing. I knew nothing about sailing. After raising the sail, still holding the rope before locking it down, the wind filled the sail. It pulled the rope through my hands burning them to the point of melting skin. I put aloe vera gel on them and in about 3 days, my hands were healed as good as before the injury. So Aloe works on all different kinds of burns.

  6. Melissa Adamaitis

    When I was a little kid, I got rope burn under my knees from the neighbors’ big ugly scary black dog.

    I sat in a bathtub for a while, and then we realized we had an aloe vera plant in our backyard. Put some on, and it stopped hurting. 🙂

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