Most Efficient Food Storage Bags: BioBags

sm_biobag.jpgThe most efficient food storage bag are BioBags. These bags are similar to plastic bags, but they are composed of corn-based bioplastic. Unlike conventional plastic, the bioplastic “breathes” without leaking, allowing heat and moisture to evaporate, which keeps food fresh longer. They are also GMO-free, 100% biodegradable and compostable. Note: The bags are labelled “Food Waste” bags but the company recommends them for food storage as well.

Biobags are available from Drugstore.Com or Garden’s Supply Company. See a full list of retailers here.

See more information about their other products here.

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  1. 100% Bio-Degradable Food Storage Plastic Bags

    How can plastic bags be eco-friendly!? They are actually similar to plastic bags, they are composed of corn-based bio-plastic, hence 100% bio-degradable. They are efficient for storing food – named BioBags.

    Unlike conventional plastic, the bioplast…

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