Most Efficient Filtering Plant: Boston Fern


  1. LaTanya M says:

    I have a boston fern. When I purchased it, it was beautiful. I first had it outdoors and it did well. Since it’s gotton cold out, I have it indoors, and all of the leaves have browned and fallen off, overtime. It looks horrible. What did I do wrong? What size pot should I use. How can I bring it back to a healthly plant again?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Boston Ferns are awesome, but I always end up killing them. How do you properly care for such a plant and keep it healthy? I think I overwater them! or don’t water them enough????

  3. Ecofriend says:

    Boston Fern: Naturally Removes Indoor Air Pollutants

    Are you worried about indoor air pollutants – especially the poisonous formaldehyde? Here is a solution – not in the form of a chimney or an exhaust mechanism. It’s something natural — it’s a fern commonly called the Boston Fern or Nephrolepis…

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