Buying and Growing A Dawn Redwood Tree

I purchased a Dawn Redwood tree from Brussel’s Bonsai via Amazon for $34.87.

This is a sequoia tree, with the scientific name “Metasequoia glyptostroboides“. I bought it because it’s an ancient and attractive tree! It was thought to have been extinct for millions of years, but then it was discovered to be still living in China. It’s the only Redwood not native to North America.

The Dawn Redwood Plant Actually Received

I received grafted bare tree, unlike the image on Amazon. It was not bonsai material nor is it bonsai stock. I didn’t photograph the tree when it arrived — but imagine something resembling a stick in a plastic pot. However, it grew quickly so I am happy I have this tree.

After growing outside for a couple of weeks, it now looks like this:

More About Dawn Redwoods

The dawn redwood was once one of the most widespread tree species in the Northern Hemisphere during the Tertiary period. Scientists had identified fossil remains of this redwood in North America, Asia and Greenland and had concluded that it must have been extinct for millions of years.

However, in 1944, a Chinese forester found an enormous dawn redwood in the Sichuan province of China. In 1948, a small group traveled to south-central China and found a few thousand of the trees growing in lowland canyons. Villagers in the Sichuan region were using the foliage for cattle fodder and the wood for bridges and other construction. The dawn redwood tree, thought to have been extinct for 20 million years, now had living representatives known to the world.

Quote from Save The Rewoods

The Dawn Redwood is the smallest of the three redwoods. They typically only grow 50 and 60 feet tall. It is considered a fast-growing tree and is often planted as an ornamental.

This tree will grow about 2 to 3 feet taller every year, quickly evolving into a large tree with a pyramidal shape and base that forms a wide flare.

Apparently, Dawn Redwoods are quite attractive in the Fall. This is because they are a delicious conifer! The leaves turn bronze and are shed by the tree.

Where To Buy Dawn Redwoods

This plant is currently out of stock on Amazon. However, there is an Extra Large version available from the same vendor for $69. The grower says the tree is 16″ to 20″ tall in a 12″ container.

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