Portland City Storage: 175,000 SF Of Solar Cells


This complex is a storage facility to be built by Portland City Storage on the east bank of the Willamette River in Portland. It will have a glass tower rising more than 22 stories and enclosing a giant mechanical arm capable of lifting 40,000 pounds (to conserve valuable riverfront land).

The building is designed to house boats, recreational vehicles and storage pods, and will hopefully get a Platinum LEED certification by the Green Building Council. The design includes 175,000 square feet of integrated solar panels, which will make it the largest solar facility in the Northwest, with the excess power being sold to Portland General Electric.

It will be built on just three acres, compared to the more than 30 acres that would be required for a conventional single-story storage facility of a similar capacity.

The building also will have an green roof that collects and recycles rainwater. It will also feature walkways and bike paths that will help connect Southeast Portland neighborhoods to the river and downtown.

Website: Portland City Storage via USGBC

5 thoughts on “Portland City Storage: 175,000 SF Of Solar Cells”

  1. Solar index doesn’t necessarily rely on how visible the sun is, contrary to popular belief. Germany has really taken off when it comes to solar energy and they’re not necessarily the best candidate for it either.

  2. Solar index doesn’t exctly rely on how visible the sun is, contrary to popular belief. Solar energy has taken off in Germany, which doesn’t really have the best potential for it either.

  3. Actually location is not as bad as one would think. Despite cloudy days here in the NW, photovoltaics installed here in Oregon perform better than one would expect.

  4. Why oh why? Avg number of days with sunshine in Portland OR is 48% with a low in mid 20% for 4 months of Winter. The concept is good, the location stinks for this.

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