Manitoba Hydro Tower: 60% Energy Savings, 100% Fresh Air, Maximum Daylight


The new head offices for Manitoba Hydro, in downtown Winnipeg, will be a model for extreme climate design. Winnipeg is one of the coldest large cities in the world. Temperatures vary 100 degrees over a year. The design of the 700,000 ft² office tower is targeting a 60%+ reduction in energy consumption, through the use of passive solar techniques.


The building occupies a full city block. Two towers converge at the north and splay open to the south to capture strong prevailing south winds and sunlight. North and south stacked atria fuse the masses together at each end and function as solar collectors, air exchangers, handlers and shafts. The solar chimney, a tall thin slab, intersects the north end of the building at the main entrance. To prevent wind tunnel effects for pedestrians at street level, prevailing winds are tamed by large entrance canopies. Inside a three-story interior street runs along the solar axis of the building to connect the north and south entrances. Structural and glazing systems emphasize lightness and transparency to mitigate the overall mass and scale of the building and to maximize daylight for the reduction of artificial lighting systems.

Manitoba Hydro also recognizes that the quality of indoor air and natural light is critical to worker productivity. Offices will have 100% fresh outdoor air 24/365 and the fully glazed building envelope with unobstructed floorplates will ensure maximum exposure to natural daylight.

Web site: KPMB Architects

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  1. Sveinn Reynir Sveinsson

    Hello to warm Canadaians.
    I am a Icelander with a lot of warm ! If you have time to assist me to get further information about moving over to Winnepeg Manitoba. I have being in business for over 20 years, but we have got very hard crash in our economy over here in Iceland. I look forward to get some letters from all of our relatives and other Canadians.

    I have great interest in all kinds of new entrepreneurship and this bulding above is great simple for the future !

    Best regards.


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