Green Towers In Malaysia Modeled After Fleet Of Ships


These unusual, onion-shaped towers are designed for Precinct 4, or the Putrajaya waterfront in Malaysia (30 kilometers south of Kuala Kumpur). The design, by Studio Nicoletti Associati, was inspired by ship sails and traditional Islamic architecture.


The towers are efficient and green: they are permeable structures with terraces, sunshades, natural ventilation and integrated green space.


The towers will also make use of renewable power, and are expected to produce 50% less CO2 emissions than similar residential projects.

Link: Precinct 4

Via: Inhabitat and europaconcorsi

6 thoughts on “Green Towers In Malaysia Modeled After Fleet Of Ships”

  1. i love the idea of green buildings and green cities its a good idea . i also find the idea of friendly materials is good for our environment and us to . and i also hope that one day all our buildings and neighborhoods will use the eco system to make the planet better place for us and the coming generations so that they enjoy a healthy and less co2 in there life .
    i also hope that all people see how r these new eco and friendly designs will help us to solve all the problems we are facing these days and the way it will reduce the percentage of the co2 in the world .

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