Ultralight Hammocks

This Hennessy Ultralight Backpacker Hammock is a compact and inexpensive shelter. Uniquely designed to be stable while entering the hammock, and to provide support while sleeping. It has an oversized rain-fly
to protect you from the elements while you are sleeping.

We like these expedition hammocks because they weigh 1 lbs. 7oz., and are substitutes for an ultralight tent, fly and sleeping pad. You are also sleeping off the ground, where insects and snakes cannot join
you for the night.

Low impact design requires no ground leveling, trenching or staking. All you need is two trees or other anchors 12 feet apart.

Byer Hammock

I also like the inexpensive Byer Moskito Hammock which is made out of parachute nylon. It has a large sleeping area, yet weighs only 16 ounces.

2 thoughts on “Ultralight Hammocks”

  1. The Hennessy is truly the ultimate camping hammock. You can stay dry and insect-free high off the ground, and avoid the hassle of setting up a tent. Nothing beats it after a long hike! Hammocks.com carries the Hennessy (and other camping hammocks, too).
    This hammock is one must-have for any serious backpacker.

  2. We love our Hennesy Hammock!! We bought one to test it out and are going to buy another! Oh, you don’t even realize you are going to sleep- it is so comfortable. Your awake state and sleep state pass into each other like meditation. It is wonderful!!
    Azure and Michael Malbone
    Indianapolis, IN

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