Excel Hand Dryer Uses 80% Less Energy

Hand Dryer

This is a hand dryer, made by Excel, that uses 80% less electrical energy than similar dryers. It uses a high velocity fan to dry hands faster (10-12 seconds) by blowing the water droplets off the hands.

Hand dryers are more efficient than paper towels in public restrooms. Paper towels have a higher annual cost, use energy to transport, create paper waste, require maintenance to keep them filled, are often sources of
mess in restrooms.

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  1. JET DRYER = Ultra High Speed Hygienic Hand Dryer
    A revolution in hand drying raising the bar in efficiency, hygiene and environmental friendliness.

    The JET DRYER has been designed to dry hands fast and so much more.

    3 infra red sensors detect the hands in micro seconds and a powerful motor provides airflow through jets to the front and back of hands, wiping the water of in approx. 10-15 seconds.
    Hands are dried faster than many hand dryers on the market today with up to 10 times the wind speed and concentrated to do the job properly.

    Focusing on hygiene , the Jet Dryer utilises three layers of antibacterial coated air filters to provide cleaner air and reducing the spread of viruses and germs back onto the hands and surrounds.
    Antibacterial coating on the external surfaces assists with maintaining a cleaner environment for the user, as well as antibacterial coating in the internal air ducts to reduce bacteria build up from inside the hand dryer.
    Water collection becomes extremely important in eliminating the mess and wet floors as the water is wiped off the hands in rapid time.
    A water tank conveniently concealed and holding the water from approximately 500 pairs of hands, which can be emptied and rinsed during normal bathroom maintenance
    Optional HEPA air filters, carbon activated air filters, and aromatic health beneficial fragrances all contribute to maintaining the best hand drying solution for the user.

    Reducing carbon footprint , being eco-friendly, and cost effective is just some more ways the JET DRYER shines in today’s world.
    Using up to 80% less electricity and operating within a third of the time of other conventional hand dryers, the JET DRYER contributes to considerable savings of time and money and carbon footprint.
    Paper towels are recognised as being expensive and environmentally unfriendly, using up natural resources and contributing to waste and landfill.
    Power consumption of the JET DRYER is so minimal that the savings against paper towels can be up to 90% and not to mention the labour intensive aspect of ordering, refilling, disposing of the paper towels.

    Reliability, safe and effective, nothing is worth doing without doing properly ..and quality has not been sacrificed.
    The construction using ABS plastic is not only burn proof, and antibacterial coated, the motor and parts are all covered with up to a 5 years warranty.
    Electrical sensors are built in to sense humidity, temperature and power faults.
    Noise absorption design means that the JET DRYER is so much quieter than some hand dryers…..65 dba ensures it to be more user friendly.
    An optional wind/volume speed volume control helps adjust for user preference and sensitive locations

    The JET DRYER whilst designed to do a job, achieves it with some clean and modern style.
    Four great metallic looking colours – Silver, Pearl White, Red & Blue helps match or add to the design of any washroom décor.
    Four blue led user lights help to add a real splash of life to impress the user, and the overall dimensions and clean lines create a special modern and impressive look.
    Comes with ability to be plugged in or hardwired providing an easy cost effective installation.

    Website : http://www.jetdryer.com.au
    Email: info@jetdryer.com.au

  2. Every time I see a story or product like this I’m always amazed that no one just shakes their hands off thoroughly in the restroom and then just dries their hands on their jeans/pants etc… No paper…. No electricity… No impact other than your own vanity….

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