A List Of Non-Toxic Adhesives For The Home

All of the glue are non-toxic and low VOC — this means they don’t release volatile organic compounds throughout their life. They are also free of xylene, toulene, light aliphatic naphtha and N-hexane.

Non-Toxic All-Purpose Adhesives

Non-Toxic Silicone Adhesives

Non-Toxic Construction Adhesives

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  1. In the so-called “non-toxic” glues, is there one that is actually safe to use on toys that dogs play with? I have a beloved ball that is separating at the seam holding the two parts together. None of the 10 or so balls I have ordered to replace this one interest my dog, he only wants the one that is “injured”. I am in search of a safe glue to use for repair.

  2. Cool that now you can find many non-toxic paints, adhesives and various other accessories for repairs. This helps to protect us and our loved ones. There have been many cases when, due to negligence and the use of toxic substances during repairs, people received injuries caused by loss of consciousness and so on. Thanks for sharing this list, this is cool!

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