Solar Shingles: Build A Meta-Efficient Roof!

Uni-Solar Shingles Roof   Solar PV Roof Tiles

Solar Shingles — yes they do indeed exist and are available now.
This new style of solar collector lets homeowners build electrical generation
right into the roof itself. They can be added to existing homes or built
into new homes.

It saves money because the shingles serve
a dual purpose — as a roofing material and as a power plant. Unlike
solar panels, they do not disturb the natural lines of the house. They
are also very durable (warrantied for 20 years) and are not prone to high winds (up to 80 mph).

Each shingle costs around $120 and produces about 17W of power. Solar
shingles qualify for alternative energy rebates in many states. Some
states, such as California, will cover 50% of the cost.
The DSIRE web
site lists what incentives are
available at the state and federal level.

Available from: CET Solar or OK
or AltEnergyStore

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