Bamboo Flooring

Self-Sustaining House

Bamboo is inexpensive, looks great and is a renewable resource.
Bamboo flooring is similar in appearance to hardwood but is even more
durable in terms of scuffing, wear and expansion.
The bamboo is harvested in plantations that take only 3-4 years to reach
maturity. Although still not widely used, it is perhaps the most efficient
material for flooring.

bamboo floor: green materials  eco building gree

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  1. It appears that your efficiency estimation does not include the cost of transporting the bamboo. As I understand it, bamboo is not grown extensively in or near the U.S., so while we are supporting the environment by using a rapidly renewable material, we are putting a lot of carbon into the air as these materials are flown around the world.

    I appreciate the work of this website and want to make sure that we try to look at the big picture for each of these products.

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