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iZip Electric Tricycle

The IZIP Tricruiser Adult Electric Tricycle is one of the best electric tricycles available today for it’s price. It has a classic adult tricycle shape with a comfy saddle and a large rear basket. It has a “Twist and Go” throttle, and a top speed up to 18 mph (29 kph) with a 30-35 miles (45-58 km) range.

Here’s a review from an Amazon buyer:

I did my shopping for a decent adult electric three wheeler and this bike offered the most in features and value. It shipped for free and arrived in about a week in two boxes. The instructions were clear and well written. All of the nuts and bolts were already installed and it was an easy task as long as you have a helper to hold things as you tighten all the fasteners.

My first test ride was awesome! This bike actually has torque! It pulled away with no peddling at all and got up to 15-18mph. The throttle is like a twist-grip and is very responsive. The overall quality is excellent and the seat even comes with a back rest. The frame is aluminum and very strong with quality welds throughout.

It’s available from Amazon for $944.

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