A MetaEfficient Men’s Winter Outfit For 2010: Continued

I neglected to mention a few more items for the MetaEfficient Winter 2010 Outfit: a belt, a pair of shoes, and some snow pants.

Leather Belt by Timberland

Choosing a MetaEfficient belt is a compromise. Leather is made from the hide of animals that have been slaughter for food (typically in factory farms). However, if not made into products, these hides would otherwise be wasted. In terms of durability, thick leather product can last for decades. However, toxic chemicals and heavy metals are typically used in the tanning process. More traditional tanning involves vegetables and waxes. However, it is difficult to actually find a belt made with non-toxic leather.  As an alternative, you can find artificial leather belts here, but they are typically made from polyurethane, which is not particularly efficient.

So as a compromise we’re featuring this leather belt by Timberland. Hopefully this belt is made with non-toxic leather. I’m eager to see further use of sustainable materials by Timberland. They are a company with a sound green commitment.

Patagonia Recycled Men’s Shoes

Patagonia Recycled Men's Sneakers
Patagonia Recycled Men's Sneakers

Most shoes tend to be made with toxic materials, the binding glues are particularly inefficient. Patagonia makes efficient shoes that incorporate water-based solvents and stitched outsoles. They also incorporate some recycled materials (see the full details here).

Recycled Snow Pants by Patagonia

Patagonia Storm Pants

Featured here are Storm Pants from Patagonia made with 100% all-recycled polyester double ripstop (suspenders are removable), or Patagonia’s lighter softshell Guide Pants.

Nau also makes a range of sustainable urban clothes (thanks Robert).

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