A MetaEfficient Men’s Winter Outfit For 2010

Patagonia Jacket Made With Recycled Materials
Patagonia Jacket Made With Recycled Materials

In this new series of posts, I will be reviewing the top MetaEfficient Products of 2010. For a product to be considered MetaEfficient it must be: green, functional, durable and reasonably priced. Where possible, the product should be made by a company with high environmental standards and good manufacturing ethics.

Our featured Men’s Winter Outfit is multifunctional — it works well in both urban and wilderness environments. A single optimized system.The MetaEfficient Men’s Winter Outfit consists of the following elements:

Let’s examine these elements:

Short Sleeve Apollo Crewe Top by Icebreaker

As a base layer we have a Icebreaker Short Sleeve Apolo Crewe Top. This articulated crew shirt is made with soft merino wool (150 g/m2).

Icebreaker T-Shirt: Ultrafine Merino Wool
Icebreaker Ultrafine Merino Wool T-Shirt
Icebreaker Merino Wool T-Shirt

Why It Was Chosen

Merino wool is an optimal material — it is breathable, odor resistant and temperature regulating. It also dries quickly doesn’t wrinkle (that one is important to me).

Merino wool is also renewable and it biodegradable.

Icebreaker, a New Zealand company, sources the wool from farms that attempt to mitigate impact on the environment. Icebreaker also states their commitment to clean technologies, closed loop manufacturing, and minimizing energy use. They have a garment traceability program called BAACODE that will allow consumers access to the company’s sustainable and ethical practices through-out their entire supply chain.

Available from: Altrec ($41).

The Foothills Full Zip by Smartwool

Smartwool Zip Midlayer Sweater
Smartwool Foothills Full Zip
Smartwool Men's Foothills Full Zip Merino Wool Top
Smartwool Foothills Full Zip

The Foothills Full Zip by Smartwool is made with 96% Merino wool, 3% nylon, 1% elastic.

Why It Was Chosen

A comfortable, minimalist midlayer sweater. The full-zip makes is easy to adjust.

SmartWool uses free-range merino wool to make their clothing. Since 2005, all their New Zealand growers have been required to refrain from the practice of mulesing (the surgical removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the hind quarters of merino sheep to reduce disease).

SmartWool complies with Zque, an accreditation program that ensures environmental, social, and economic sustainability, animal welfare, and product traceability.

Available from: Amazon ($150).

Also check out this comfortable midlayer from SmartWool: the Microweight Zip T. I like to order it in a size larger than usual for maximum comfort.

SmartWool Microweight Zip T
SmartWool Microweight Zip T

Available from REI ($75).

The Winter Sun Jacket by Patagonia

Patagonia Winter Sun Jacket (Men's)
Patagonia Winter Sun Jacket (Men’s)
Patagonia Winter Sun Jacket Sleeve
Patagonia Winter Sun Jacket Sleeve
Patagonia Winter Sun Jacket Recycled
Patagonia Winter Sun Jacket Close Up

Why It Was Chosen

Patagonia is a leader in effective, green manufacturing. The Winter Sun Jacket is Patagonia’s warmest soft-shell jacket. It is made with Primaloft — a 50% recycled synthetic insulation. The shell is made of 45% recycled polyester, and the lining is 100% recycled polyester.

Available from: Amazon ($300). See also the jackets on sale at Patagonia.

The Eco Vintage Jeans by Levi’s

Levi's Eco Jeans
Levi’s Eco Jeans
Levis Eco Organic Cotton Jeans
Levi’s Eco 539 Organic Cotton Jeans
Levis Eco Organic Cotton Jeans
Levi’s Eco 539 Organic Cotton Vintage Jeans

The Eco 539 Vintage Jeans by Levi’s. The jeans are made of 100% organic cotton and recycled denim.

Why It Was Chosen

Levi’s has made forays into using organic cotton for their jeans (see their environmental statement). While their range is limited, their organic cotton jeans are inexpensive. Patagonia, Element and Reef also make organic cotton jeans for under $100.

Levi’s Eco 539 Vintage Jeans from: Amazon ($50).

The Everyday Ultralite Crew Socks by Icebreaker

Icebreaker Merino Wool Socks
Icebreaker Merino Wool Socks

The Everyday Ultralite Crew Socks by Icebreaker. They are made with 82% merino wool and 18% nylon.

Why It Was Chosen

This is a good all-round, functional sock made with merino, with some nylon for structure.

Available from: Altrec ($13).

Winter Fire
Winter Fire

4 thoughts on “A MetaEfficient Men’s Winter Outfit For 2010”

  1. With you 100% on the merino. Month and half ago bought some Outlier 4g pants – worn them every day except a few days when I wore shorts. Only washed them once. Smell fine, don’t wrinkle, look sharp.

  2. This is similar to my outfits for winter. However, I skip jeans and use softshell pants instead. Denim gets wet from snow, and it stays wet for a long time. A pair of softshell pants will stop wind, resist rain, and will dry incredibly quickly. I’ve been using Acoustic Pants or Deft Pants from nau.com. They look nice, they’ve stood up to abuse (caving, bushwhacking), and get eco points for being made out of recycled plastic. They look nice too. Sadly, Nau only occasionally has them available. Patagonia’s various “Guide” pants are similar, although I don’t know how recycled they are.

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