MetaEfficient Keyring Tools For 2010

Here’s a MetaEfficient Keyring. It’s a collection of lightweight, mini-tools suitable for carrying on a keyring.

The keyring contains the following elements:

Meta-Minimalist Keychain

Here are the details of the MetaEfficient Keyring elements:

The LD01 Keyring Flashlight by Fenix

Fenix Keyring Flashlight Powered by AAA Battery
Fenix Keyring Flashlight Powered by AAA Battery

Why It Was Chosen

The Fenix LD01 is the brightest keyring-sized flashlight that runs on a standard AAA battery. This means it can be powered by a hybrid rechargeable AAA battery. It produces 80 lumens of light on its highest setting.

The Fenix LD01 uses a Cree Q5 LED as its light source, and the lens is made of toughened, anti-reflective glass. It weighs 1.6 ounces, and it is “IPX-8 water proof” meaning it is suitable for continuous submersion.

The flashlight is RoHS compliant (meaning it does not contain non-toxic heavy metals or flame retardants).

It’s available for $35 from Amazon.

The Inka Pen

Inka Pen
The Inka: A Waterproof Keyring-Sized Pen

Why It Was Chosen

The Inka Pen is a keyring sized ball-point that can be used quickly as a half-sized pen, or unfolded into a full-sized pen. Using a pressurized ink cartridge, the Inka Pen is waterproof and write at any altitude or temperature. It’s made in the U.S. and has a lifetime warranty.

The “6-in-1 Key Ring Tool” by Swiss Tech

A Keyring-Sized Multitool by Swiss Tech

Why It Was Chosen

The “6-in-1 Key Ring Tool” is a keyring-sized multitool by Swiss Tech. It contains the following:

  • straight knife blade
  • a serrated cutting surface
  • a micro-sized screwdriver
  • a Phillips screwdriver
  • an eyeglass screwdriver
  • bottle opener

The tool weighs 0.5 oz. Given its size, it’s pretty basic, its handy when you have nothing else available, but not suitable for everyday tasks.

The Mini Cash Can

The Cash Can: A Keyring Sized Emergency Money Consealer
The Mini Cash Can: A Keyring Sized Emergency Money Consealer

Why It Was Chosen

The Mini Cash Can is an emergency cash holder than fits on your keyring. You can secret a single bill inside this stealthy container. If you forget your wallet, you have the cash inside as a back-up. The Cash Can’s assembly cannot accidentally come apart as long as the keyring is through the hole. The container is waterproof.

I actually found a little difficult to fit a bill inside the Mini Can — the larger Mini II might be a better choice.

2 thoughts on “MetaEfficient Keyring Tools For 2010”

  1. LED keychains are a great tool to have and use. They are bright, last a long time, and lightweight. LED lights have come a long way since the early days, and now we can see LED lights in so many places including businesses, electronic, and even flashlights. However, I’ve also seen some other cool keyring tools like a really neat Flash Key that was in the shape of a real key and fit on a keyring. I thought it was really a key, but when the person stuck it into my computer I was shocked. It looked really cool and worked well.

  2. Army’s Greatest Invention Ever: The “P38”

    List of P-38 Uses By Steve Wilson, MSG
    Proponent NCO, Dept of the Army
    Office of the Chief of Chaplains, The Pentagon

    1. Can Opener
    2. Seam Ripper
    3. Screwdriver
    4. Clean Fingernails
    5. Cut Fishing Line
    6. Open Paint Cans
    7. Window Scraper
    8. Scrape Around Floor Corners
    9. Digging
    10. Clean Out Groove on Tupperware lids
    11. Reach in and Clean Out Small Cracks
    12. Scrape Around Edge of Boots
    13. Bottle Opener
    14. Gut Fish (in the field)
    15. Scale Fish (in the field)
    16. Test for ‘Doneness’ When Baking on a Camp Fire
    17. Prying Items
    18. Strip Wire
    19. Scrape Pans in the Field
    20. Lift Key on Flip Top Cans
    21. Chisel
    22. Barter
    23. Marking Tool
    24. Deflating Tires
    25. Clean Sole of Boot/Shoe
    26. Pick Teeth
    27. Measurement
    28. Striking Flint
    29. Stirring Coffee
    30. Puncturing Plastic Coating
    31. Knocking on Doors
    32. Morse Code
    33. Box Cutter
    34. Opening Letters
    35. Write Emergency Messages
    36. Scratch an Itch
    37. Save as a Souvenir
    38. Rip Off Rank for On-the-Spot Promotions

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