Furoshiki: Traditional Japanese Cloth Wrapping


A “Furoshiki” is a traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap gifts, clothes, and other goods. Recently this practice has been revived in Japan. The appeal of this form of wrapping is that the cloth is reused for other purposes, and it is an eco-effective technique in this regard. Furoshiki means “bath spread” and it derives from the practice of bundling clothes at public baths in the Edo Period (1603-1867). Over time, Furoshikis were used protect goods when transporting and decorating goods for presents. You can see some Furoshiki wrapping techniques on this page, and Furoshiki cloths can be found on eBay and in Japanese specialty stores. Story via: Eco-product Navigator (Japan)

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  1. I’ve been using Furoshikis (self-made since it’s cheaper and really easy) for a year now, I really like them!
    They’re also sort of elegant compared to paper. 😉

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