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Folding bikes have all the efficiencies of normal bikes but they can also be folded and stored in cars, buses, trains and even carried on air flights.

A recent review by Consumer Reports gave top rating to the Brompton C3-E. It was the lightest bike tested and it sells for $675. It is easy to fold, and it folds up so the chain is inside, not on the outside where you can rub against it. In the less expensive range, Consumer Reports named the Dahon Speed D7 a Best Buy. It was the heaviest bike of those reviewed, but it had the lightest price at $380.

One of the least expensive folding bikes is the Citizen 6 Speed bike, which weighs 35 pounds, and is selling for $174 right now. A very similar bike is the 6 Speed Folding Bike, which weighs in at 23 pounds and is selling for $169.


If you are interested in finding reviews and videos of folding bikes, RideThisBike.Com is the best place to look. They recommend the 29lb $650 Montague Paratrooper as a folding mountain bike that can deal with rough surfaces. RideThisBike.Com also has many favorable reviews of the Giatex folding bikes.

Another site, BikeFold, has a huge range of folding bikes for sale, many with price tags over $1000.

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  1. NEVER buy a Citizen bike. They are poorly constructed, flimsy, and the the assembly instructions were laughable. The customer service was beyond a joke. You truly do get what you pay for. Don’t waste your time or your money. Shell out a bigger chunk of cash and get something that will go the distance and that you can be proud to ride (and that you won’t fear for your life riding). I recommend Dahons. Just bought one to replace the junky Citizen, and I could not be happier.

  2. Just bought a Citizen folding bike with 20″ wheels and love the versatility of it. We travel by RV and the small size really works for our needs.

  3. Justin,

    Thanks for suggesting to your readers.

    Folding bikes have been around since the 1890’s but have only recently begun to find a place in the mainstream of cycling. The key to the rising popularity of bicycles that fold is their convenience. Folding bikes can be stored in a relatively small area and unfolded without use of tools in a matter of seconds. Thus, a folding bike opens up a world of cycling opportunities that simply are not available to owners of standard sized bikes.

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