A Clever Rainwater Diverter


The average roof sheds 160 gallons of rainwater per hour during a moderate rain fall. Rainwater is better for your garden than tap water: it is at ambient temperature rather than being cold, and it is not chlorinated or treated with chemicals.

The Garden Water Saver, is a device that attaches to your home’s downspout, and allows you to use any container as a rainwater barrel. It diverts rainwater until the container becomes full, and then it automatically shuts off. It will fill a 55 gallon rain barrel in 2 to 3 hours during a moderate rainfall. The kit is available for $19.95 from Garden Water Saver.

8 thoughts on “A Clever Rainwater Diverter”

  1. I needed my diverter to stop overflow and to stop mosquitoes. The garden saver worked for this fine. The only problem I had with this diverter is that it broke during a flash freeze. I tried a few other diverters and put them to the test. The only one that stood is the RainReserve.

  2. Hi, great site. Do you know of any manufacturers of rainwater divereters to fit 50mm round downpipe. I have installed Marley Miniline rainwater kit but cannot find a suitable diverter to get the rainwater into the water butt – short of drilling a 50mm hole in the lid!

    Thanks for any help

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