Efficient Products I Like

Here are some efficient products I like in 2013. I’ve tested all these products and found that they perform well. Generally, I like things that are ultralight and ultradurable. I also look for things that are sustainably made and come with lifetime warranties.

For purchase things, I like Amazon and REI, due to their efficient return policies — I return a lot of products, and I don’t have time to quibble while returning products.

Everyday Carry

These are the tools I carry on my keychain:


 Optional Carry


These are optional things that I may carry in my jacket or pant pockets:



These are clothes I find efficient. You’ll see a lot of merino wool here. I like this material because it doesn’t absorb orders, regulates body temperature, l resists wind and warms better than petroleum-based materials. It is also produced in a sustainable manner. The other material I find efficient is hemp. It is more durable than cotton. It is also requires less water and pesticides to produce. New production techniques have allowed manufacturers to produce very soft hemp weaves.




These are toiletry tools that I find particularly efficient:


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  1. I agree….and my refrain was really addressed at the more general malaise and tendency towards consumer distractions and useless entertainment while important things go by unnoticed.

    1. pretty funny fran. the battery reviews were great but either the author here should either consider how this looks like they are either being sponsored or keep icebreakers catalog under their pillow with their other needed items.

      you mean to tell me you don’t like anything from anyone else, anywhere? haha, great poem

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