Optimal Toothbrush System


I consider the Smile Brite toothbrush system the most efficient and sustainable available, for two reasons. First, the toothbrush bristles comes from a natural source, and they don’t contain any synthetic dyes. This reduces the chemical load in your mouth. The bristles are harvested from special breeds of boar which have the fine, soft bristles required for use as brushes.

The boar’s hair is harvested in a manner that is cruelty-free. These natural bristles are gentler on your teeth than nylon bristles, but they clean just as well.

Second, the heads are replaceable. This makes them less expensive to replace than a full toothbrush. It also reduce the amount of toothbrush handles thrown in the waste stream. Instead, replacement heads snap in and you’ve got a new toothbrush. The brushes and priced around $3 and a pack of replacement heads also costs around $3.

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  1. this is one of the worst products i have come across. COME ON! that head is going to pop off and choke some dumb ass that actually bought it.

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