Four Efficient Holiday Stockings

Organic Christmas Stocking

Reusing the stocking you stored away last year’s the greenest option, of course. But if you lost yours in a natural disaster or bad break up–or got a new pet–here are four efficient options to pick from.

Upcycled Handmade Stockings at Etsy

Etsy, the e-marketplace for all things handmade, is the go-to spot for cute eco-friendly stockings at reasonable prices. Rikrak (above) and Katiepatatey create gorgeous festive stockings out of ecospun felt, which is made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. WoolyWooly felts old sweaters into new holiday stockings, while XoElle uses vintage fabrics. Sesewsuckurtoe‘s even made a stocking out of repurposed pinstriped wool pants. Prices range from $7 – $32.

Amenity Trail Stocking

Organic Christmas Stocking

Made of a hemp-and-organic cotton blend fabric, Amenity’s Trail Stockings are sewn and hand printed in Los Angeles with water-based, eco-friendly inks in cocoa, gold, silver, or moss color. The classy stockings cost $55 each at Amenity.

TerraCycle Eco-Friendly Christmas Stockings

Pick between upcycled juice pouches or cookie wrappers for your Terracycle Eco-Friendly Christmas Stocking. Made by Terracycle, the eco worm-poop fertilizer company that’s now branching out into office and household products, these stockings cost just $19.99 a pair at Home Depot.

Dog and Cat Holiday Stockings

Pampered pets can get their own stockings, hand-crafted by artisans in Nepal who boil, beat, and roll natural sheared wool to create the fair trade felt products. As a bonus, each stocking comes with a toy in the front pocket: A felt bone for the doggie, and a moue for the kittie. Get yours at Global Exchange for $28.

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