Color Grown Cotton: Fox Fibre

fox_fibre.jpgSome cotton is naturally colored — it grows that way and does not need to be dyed. “Color grown” cotton has its roots in the ancient Americas. Weavers cultivated native white, tan, green, yellow, red, and brown colored cottons for thousands of years. However, the fiber qualities of the cotton was not suited to modern textile machines. Thus, today, most people only associate cotton with the color white.

During the 1990s color grown cotton was back in production, due to the efforts of Sally Fox, an inventor from California, who cultivated long fiber colored cotton, and created her own patented cotton called “Fox Fibre”. Most Fox Fibre is grown organically (called Fox Fibre Colorganic), and requires minimal processing because it does not need to be dyed. It is used in a wide variety of products today, including clothing, bedding and furniture.

You can read more about Sally Fox here.

Fox Fibre available from Cottonfield.

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