Maca: An Efficient Energizer & Aphrodisiac


Maca is becoming popular around the world as a tonic that enhances strength, fertility and energy. Maca (Lepidium meyennii) is grown in the Andes Mountains of Peru, it looks likes a large radish, and botanically it is indeed related to radishes and turnips. For approximately 2000 years maca has been an important traditional food in its growing region.

It is regarded as a highly nutritious food and as a medicine that enhances strength and endurance and acts as an aphrodisiac.

More details on its benefits can be found on the Rain Tree Nutrition web site.

You can see how it cultivated here.

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  1. maca is an excellent product you will find a new joy of life, but be shure to buy only Maca and not others integrator mixed with vitamins or others, maca have to be pure and not mixed. pay attention on the producers and ask only for pure maca from biological agricolture like for products

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