Raw Cacao Butter: An Efficient Dessert & Skin Moisturizer


Raw cacao butter — this is the pure oil of the cacao bean, extracted using a cold-press technique — the temperature stays around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of 300 degrees which is the norm. The oil is edible and possesses a rich, delicate chocolate aroma.

You can add a piece of the cacao butter to your favorite smoothie, ice cream or chocolate dessert. Cacao butter may also be used as a skin moisturizer.

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8 thoughts on “Raw Cacao Butter: An Efficient Dessert & Skin Moisturizer”

  1. I wish to buy your raw cacao butter I saw at the picture above. I wish to know the packing (quantity) and the price. Thank you.

  2. Raw is something that has not had all the enzymes destroyed by heat. Enzymes are typically destroyed when foods are heated over 130 degrees for prolonged time. For example you could heat a sunflower seed to 104 degrees, plant it, and it would still grow. Therefore it is still alive and “raw”.

  3. i think what was intended was the definition of raw as “the natural unprocessed condition [synonym: natural, raw, rude]” not raw as in “not treated with heat to prepare it for eating [antonym: cooked]”

  4. Yes, it’s not raw in the strict sense. I think raw is being used here to distinguish it from a more processed product.

  5. phillipe bojorquez

    how can it be considered raw if it was cooked to 104 degrees. Im reading abit about raw food and am asking honestly not sarcastically.


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