A Non-Toxic Stainless Steel Lunchbox

food-carrier-actual.jpgHere’s an interesting alternative to those regular old vinyl lunchboxes which have a tendency to leach phlatates and lead into your food. It’s a stainless steel lunchbox that will probably garner attention from your co-workers, fellow students or curious passers-by. Based on the idea of the Japanese Bento Box, the lightweight “To Go Ware” has two stainless bowls that sit on top of each other with a stainless plate separating them. The plate keeps the compartments sealed from each other, and hold the individual components of your meal. The To-Go Ware can be warmed on a stovetop or cooled in a fridge. It’s available from Amazon for around $24. See also this steel “lunchjar” from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “A Non-Toxic Stainless Steel Lunchbox”

  1. Actually, it does look a whole lot like the more traditional, multi-layered bento boxes of Japan. We live in Japan, and my husband carried something similar to this to work each day – Soup in the very bottom, rice in the second tier, and other stuff in the top. He puts it in a heat retaining bag – The heat of the soup (I put it in while it`s still boiling) keeps the rest hot at least until lunch time.

  2. Hm… I’m pretty sure it’s more inspired by the Indian tiffin boxes
    than bento boxes… multiple layers are perfect for carrying
    different types of curry, dhal, rice & chaat!

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