Optimal: Natural Linen Sheets by Area Simone

We recently discovered these 100% natural linen sheets by Area Simone. Linen, which comes from the flax plant, is an optimal material for making sheets. Like hemp, linen does not require pesticides to grow. By contrast, 25% of all pesticides used in the world are sprayed on cotton. Linen is also 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton, has no lint or piling tendencies, and dries more quickly. These sheets are priced from $94 to $315, and they are available from Design Public. They also sell matching pillow cases and duvet covers.

Amazon has a wide range of natural linen sheets.

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  1. You can also buy 100% linen sheets at Aiko Luxury Linens in Miami and online at http://www.italianfinelinens.com.

    Aiko Luxury Linens provides customers with custom made 100% linen sheets manufactured in Italy ( Nancy Koltes), Switzerland (Christian Fischbacher) and France (Alexandre Turpault). Many of the suppliers carry the “Masters of Linen” Certification which is only given to those companies that supply the highest quality linen fabric.

  2. Interesting topic. Amazon doesn’t sell any real flax linen sheets. The word linen is mis-used to refer to items for the bedroom and bathroom.

    Design republic no longer offers Area Simone linen sheets.

    Here is an interesting link conversation on purchasing linen sheets online:

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