Efficient: Making Organic Beer


If you are going to brew beer at home, why not brew organic? You’ll have clean tasting, fresh beer without using ingredients that are not genetically modified, and not grown with pesticides. Organic brewmaking ingredients cost slightly more but the rewards are worth the expense (in our moderately humble opinion). On a more technical side, organic malts on average have a lower protein content which produces a clear mash and less haze problems in the finished beer. Also, organic malts generally have a higher mash efficiency and a faster fermentation.

If you are interested in brewing organic beers, a good place to start is Brew Organic, which has a collection of recipies, a store full of organic ingredients, and a bookstore too. It’s run by the Seven Bridges Cooperative, and they even offer a video ” Virtual Organic Home Brewing Class” to get you started. You can also check out the book which is widely considered the “bible” of homebrewing: The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.

Link: Brew Organic

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