Why Prefab Homes Can Be Compelling


Living Box is a site that has a nice cross-section of prefabricated homes. The examples seen there are actually intended to inspire entries in a design competition.

Prefab homes are appealing to us, due to their compact lightness and modern architecture. Another compelling factor should be the price, but designers have not full realized this goal — we aren’t seeing any sub $100,000 designers homes yet. The prefabricated aspect is interesting too, but only if it makes sense and allows the attractive homes to be constructed easily and inexpensively. Why else prefabricate?

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  1. Great stuff here!
    Shipping containers / modular / prefab homes will offer solutions to the world’s housing shortage for the deprived, under-privileged and low income populations in society by providing a total system for basic, low-cost, quality built housing. The modular housing constructed with sandwich panels is the lowest in cost, most rapidly erected, simplest in design, and most structurally sound basic housing in existence today. Plus, you can ship 21 houses in a 40 foot container.

  2. when prefab is unique, saves your funds on heating and cooling, costs like a car, it’s gotta be something like

  3. “Why else prefabricate?”

    Because it can cut down on wear-and-tear on the housing site, and because it produces less waste, since it can be designed to make efficient use of materials.

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