3Form Introduces Innovative “Boomerang” Room Dividers

bamboo_screens.jpg3Form is introducing a new furniture system called the Boomerang Screen, which is a flexible, tool-free divider system that both encapsulates and divides space. It’s made with 3Form’s Ecoresin (40% post-industrial recaptured material). Designed by k_now, the boomerang element is a slender, curved resin piece with a “boomerang” shaped cross section.

The system’s lenticular panels are linked together in undulating waves that can be reorganized. The joints flex to allow angle change between panels and self-leveling of the screen as a whole. Panel groupings can change by disassembling and reordering panel colors, patterns and orientation. :: 3Form

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  1. Estimados Amigos:

    Soy arquitecto de Mexico, me gusta mucho los materiales que uds promueben, y me encantaria saber de precios y si puedo importar a Mexico para mis obras el 3form, ya que es nuevo y tengo clientes que requieren de ese material, mucho les agradecere su amable respuesta, saludos y hasta luego, bay !

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