The Falls: Green Apartments In Canada


This apartment complex, dubbed the The Falls, is to be built in Victoria, Canada. The aparments will certainly be green on the outside — it features a series of cascading waterfalls and ponds pouring over the building’s exterior. In addition to the water, it will feature spacious decks and terraces, some with outdoor gas fireplaces, lush gardens and landscaping. One of the waterfalls will be 100 feet in height. However, I doubt that renewable energy is used to pump all that water.

The designers hope to achieve a Silver LEED Certification for the building, which is actually only modestly green — it would have been nice such a verdant building get a Platinum Certification instead!


Via: Green Skyscraper Forum

7 thoughts on “The Falls: Green Apartments In Canada”

  1. can you help me for give me detail information about this apartment ……i’m the student of architecture .my thesis topics about apartment about green apartment so can you help me to give detail information with floor plan n elevation n section too …plz help me

    1. my thesis topic is also green apartments, please try to contact me on fb through navratna raghuvanshi may be we can help each other…. 🙂

  2. Anil,

    We pointed the inefficiencies of the design.

    But it did get a LEED silver rating, and the exterior is nice and green.


  3. Is it MetaEfficient or MetaInEfficient? Really, this article brings down the Rating of, at least for me. Greendom is a delicate concept, please handle with care, after all you have taken the torch in your hand.

    “Get well soon”.

  4. EfficiencySeeker

    This is a step in the right direction but the whole of Vancouver Island should stop dumping raw sewage in the ocean!!

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