Japanese Interiors: Minimalist: Adaptable: Renewable

Japanese Interior: Shoji, TatamiTraditional Japanese houses are built with bamboo, paper, straw and other kinds of light weight wood, all of which are renewable. The houses are also made with components such as tatami mats, shoji screens and tansu cabinets.

The components are fitted together without nails, and are often rearranged. For example, in the bedroom, futons are rolled up and stored away, so that the bedroom may be used as a living area during the day. Exterior walls are also adjusted according to the season — in the summer exterior walls are replaced with lighter walls that allow more ventilation.

Chopa sells Tatami mats, and other Japanese furniture, they also have a book called A Japanese Touch For Your Home, which is a guide to using these elements in your home.

Japan Shoji sells Shoji screens made of traditional materials.

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