MetaEfficient In the News: LA Times Review

LA Times BannerWe’re in the news again, with a recent review from the Los Angeles Times:

The Reactual Institute, which tries to highlight ecologically sound products, sets a lofty goal on the home page of Meta-Efficient, billing it as a “guide to the most efficient things in the world.” That means products are reviewed based on how well they meet consumer needs and benefit the environment. A cutting board, razors made of recycled plastic and buckwheat pillows get the treatment, along with less familiar concepts such as harvesting rainwater or making biodiesel fuel out of vegetable oil.

The discussion on desktop computers lists places to buy used ones, provides a link to a report card that grades the greenness of computer manufacturers and highlights a low-energy desktop computer that over its life “can save enough electricity to light an entire home for more than four years.”

A purchasing guide to the most efficient products is provided, along with suggested alternatives that are comparable in price to more mainstream products. The site is so chockablock with ideas and products that it’s almost overwhelming — and a little guilt- inducing.

— Kathy Bryant

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