Zapino: A 100% Electric Scooter by ZAP


The Zapino scooter, made by ZAP, in a company better known for their electric cars, has been getting rave reviews. Many Zapino owners report that this scooter performs really well and is quite reliable (see here and here). It’s also relatively inexpensive, being sold for just under $3000. It has a powerful 3000-watt brushless DC hub motor, which, according to ZAP, makes it the most powerful scooter in its class. This motor is so powerful it can win drag races against gas scooters, with speed and acceleration that leaves the polluters in their own dust. It has a maximum speed of 30 mph, and can it’s range is “up to 30 miles per charge”. It will soon be possible to extend the range of the Zapino to 65 miles per charge, with an optional 60V 40AH lithium-ion battery.

The hub motor in the rear wheel creates more room on-board for additional batteries. According to ZAP this eliminates the need for belts, or chains, resulting in a more enjoyable ride with less vibration and noise, and a smoother acceleration while reducing overall maintenance.

This scooter has some nice storage areas for grocery runs.

Zapino Electric Scooter From ZAP

Available from: Electric Scooter Galore

Zapino images via Maxdunn on Flickr.

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    1. Did you get a diagram or the Zapino rebuilt?? I am having the same problem. Bought one used with 80 miles on it and I have to rewire all the batteries because the moped was taken apart and I can’t find anything on this product

  1. have a zapino zap with a erider motor inside the rear hub. What size is this motor ? Is there a dealer in my area? My zip code is 95382. Thank you

  2. Maybe the Zapino has a great motor but the design of the kickstand needs to be addressed. The kickstand on my friends doesn’t hyper extend, nor have any springs, making it vulnerable to collapse. I found this out the hard way as I admired the Zapino (with only 10 miles) by sitting on it. When walking away, I heard a crash as the bike collapsed due to an ultra slight incline coupled with the poorly designed stand. Just about everything on the left side broke including the ultra brittle plastic floor board (much like humpty dumpty). Only two parts were available for replacement (blinker and a cover for $100). Evidently the other parts will not be available as it is last year’s model. So…beware as the good looks are skin deep. I have ridden motorcycles for years and never had a Japanese bike’s kickstand fail this way. I have had horrific crashes that resulted in minor scratches and trivial broken parts (I was much worse for wear than the bike). From now on, if it says made in China, I will admire from 10 ft back.

  3. Very cool to run into yuor website. I am wondering whether anyone knows how much it costs to run an electric scooter? Meaning how much does it add to the electric bill, especially if you have to charge it everyday?

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