Water Saving Shower Head: “Earth Massage”

This was my first low-flow showerhead, and it’s still one of my favorites. The Earth Massage showerhead produces a fine spray or pulsing jet but only uses 1.75 gallons per minute. It works consistently in both low and high water pressures. A “soak and soap” button reduces the flow rate to 1.0 gpm for soaping up and allows for the greatest amount of water savings possible.

The Earth Massage showerhead is available from Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Water Saving Shower Head: “Earth Massage””

  1. I agree this shower head does not give a satisfaction of a regular bath. you have to bath for a longer time period for nice shower, eventually spending more water( or the same amount of water using old shower head for lesser time).

    could not even feel the water falling on the body. waste of money…

  2. If you want to try something to keep your shower warm, even when using a low flow shower head, look at http://www.energyshower.com. If you can keep the warm steam inside your shower or bath, you won’t feel as cold, and will enjoy the benefits of a low flow shower. This energy shower steam canopy does that, keeps the warm air and steam where you want it, in your shower.

  3. This shower head has a ring of water that is sprayed and you have to constantly move back and forth under the spray to get rinsed. If you have hair to rinse, you will have to spend a notably longer period of time (and water) trying to get your hair rinsed. In the cold weather, it is hard to get warm in the shower because the ring of spray creates a cold area. I called the manufacturer, who said everyone loves this product, and did nothing to resolve my problem/discontent. I guess I’m not everyone.

  4. With skyrocketing energy costs and Al Gore lecturing me, I finally installed (4) 1.25 GPM Niagara Earth Massage Showerheads.

    Now I am scoring an eco-triple play of a great power showers, serious h2o conservation plus generous money savings on my water and energy bills. I have saved over 25,000 gallons of water in 12 months and over $700 in energy and water bill savings.

    Blue and green conservation works for me.

    The link below has one of the lowest prices around.


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