Renewable, Modular Carpet Tiles: FLOR

Modular Floor Tiles

“Interface FLOR” carpet tiles are made from renewable materials that can recycled easily.

They are also built to be modular: if an accident happens, you can clean them in the sink put them back on the floor. They are held down by “low tack” adhesive dots. You can also create new designs by rearranging the tiles.

InterfaceFLOR Modular Carpet Tiles

Some FLOR carpet tiles are made from 100% renewable Inego™ fibers, such as the Spring Plantings series. Ingeo™, which is derived from the stalks and leaves of corn, is the first man-made fiber from 100 percent annually renewable resources. This carpet requires 20 to 60 percent fewer fossil fuel resources and virtually no water to produce.

They can be replaced when they become stained or worn and returned to Interface for recycling or composted in a commercial composting facility. The carpet contains no formaldehyde or SBR latex, which contributes to that “new carpet smell.”

InterfaceFLOR Modular Carpet Tiles

InterfaceFLOR Modular Carpet Tiles

More information: InterfaceFLOR

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