Very Efficient Portable Fan: The Seabreeze Turbo Aire

This portable fan, the Seabreeze Turbo Aire, has an aerodynamic design inspired by a jet engine. It produces a high velocity airstream through an optimized blade shape and orientation.

Turbo Aire Fan

The manufacturer claims it moves three times as much air as a comparable fan, while operating quietly. On a low setting, the Turbo Aire consumes just 65 watts, and on a high setting it uses about 110 watts. They say “at 20 feet, Turbo-Aire delivers over 11,000 cubic feet of air per minute”.

The Turbo-Aire is available from Amazon.

The fan’s homepage is here.

5 thoughts on “Very Efficient Portable Fan: The Seabreeze Turbo Aire”

  1. The best fan we own (we have several); its only drawback is that it cannot be taken apart to be cleaned and, because it usually sits on the floor, the grills and blades become filthy. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. I have one Turbo Aire fan and find it excellent. I can’t find another on Amazon or in Toronto stores. Have you any outlets in Toronto? It is an excellent fan and I find other floor fans to be far inferior.


    I’m trying to purchase of the turbo aire fans but I can’t find anyone that seems to be selling this year. I’ve bought two of these fans but I need a new one this year. Maybe you can help me

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