Efficient: Solar Showers

A solar shower is a fun and highly efficient device for summer. It operates by attaching a standard garden hose to the shower — water is heated inside an integrated solar-thermal tank. After 1-2 hours the water will be hot enough for a shower. Solar heated shower are also handy for camping — you can find portable solar showers here.

Make sure you use a lead-free garden hose with a solar shower.

Outdoor Solar Shower

There’s an “Outdoor Solar Shower” available at Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Efficient: Solar Showers”

  1. They already have some called SunShower for camping which uses gravity and a black/clear water bladder with built in thermometer tape. And for under $20, no less. If you can use it in the back country, surely you could rig it up in your backyard. Saves on water, too, because you only get three gallons of water (or 5, or 1.5) to shower with.

  2. This is pretty much the same as other low cost water heaters that use black poly-pipe for heating the water. That stuff’s so cheap it’s almost free and I reckon for the same cost you could buy enough pipe, a pump and connectors to make a much larger heater.

    This one looks nice and compact, though perhaps some wheels on the legs would be good for easy storage.

    Roger from http://www.green-planet-solar-energy.com

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