U.S. To Phase Out Incandescent Light Bulbs

Photo credit: USA today

After being passed by Congress, Bush just signed into law a massive energy bill that will, among other things, spell the end of traditional light bulb. USA Today reports that the bill will phase out the venerable (but power-hungry) incandescent bulb over the next dozen years in favor more efficient fluorescent, halogen, and LED bulbs. Specifically, the new law holds that all light bulbs must be 25 to 35 percent more efficient by 2012 to 2014.

A LED-based light bulb

Incandescent bulbs are highly inefficient, and today many compact fluorescent bulbs have a light quality that is similar the warm, incandescent light most of us of familiar with. Each fluorescent bulb installed will chip about $5 off your annual electricity bill. U.S. News has a great FAQ on why the bulbs are being banned, and why fluorescent bulbs are more efficient overall. How about these stats: $40 billion in savings over the years spanning 2012 to 2030, 14 fewer coal-fired power plants, and 51 million fewer tons of carbon emissions annually.


Via: USA Today

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  1. I’m a film student with an empahsis in DP studies and lighting. I have run stage shows and used all types of lights on my movies. This is my opinion.

    CFLs vs incandecent vs LED

    LEDs clearly are the winner for the future, but as of now they are still expensive for mass replacement. A 100 watt equivilant still costs close to $30 a bulb. However they are highly color accurate and can produce virtually any type of light. Practically unbreakable, extremely energy efficient, and produce little to no heat. No Mercury, cool to the touch. And with that technology it is possible to change color, and strobe, ect. By far my favorite, when I get them.

    CFLs not to bad at the moment. They are affordable, and quite energy efficient. They have gotten better. The catch here is they are good “if you know what your looking for”. Color temperature is important but so is CRI, the higher the CRI the less green “gloom”. Incandescent look fans should get around K 3000. THey can get hot but won’t usually burn. Murcury is a downside, but reasonable. They sorta look funny too. I use them on sets all the time and they give a great soft glow. I wouldn’t overlook them. some are dimable and the good ones can go to less than 5%.

    Incandescent – in my opinion with today’s technology they make a better heater than they do a light. people like the color simply because it’s been the only thing available for more than 10 years. They are not white but yellow. to make them any other color it cuts the amount of light. They get hot, and can start fires. (they stopped being my primary lighting source one melted the interior of one of the cars) Dimmible yes, but the filament doesn’t give almost any light until over %50 of the energy is running through it. Not to mention they are extremely fragile. Now I mostly only use them when were outside and the cast is getting cold. But they are cheap, and somethings only come in them. (ERS’s)

    Other bulbs worth mentioning:
    Arc lamps (Salt, HMIs, ect) – efficient, bright, and sometimes dangerous. UV issues, explosions. But all these factors can be accounted for. Not really practical for residential use.

    Florecent – practically the same as CFL’s just shaped differently. THey have their own socket and work great in some applications. Efficient, large, good choice of color, need a balast though. And sometimes they;re too big. But I use them.

  2. Just in case, I have stocked up! Every time I go to Target or Walmart I buy 4 boxes of light bulbs. I have enough to last me till I’m in my 80’s and then will have enough to pass onto my grandchildren. I’ll be telling my grandchildren, when I was your age, we had these great light bulbs………….and here they are!! I’ve purchased the new one’s and after a week, just couldn’t take it anymore – had to put in the good old one’s. Does this also include Nightlights??? I HATE the new night lights – they do not have enough “light”……….just hate em. So, I’ve been stocking up on those as well……….just in case. Light Bulbs are not going to SAVE this Planet. Let us keep our old light bulbs!!!!

  3. I’m still waiting for KEITH to make more of an idiot of himself. i bet the old man is punching a few walls knowing that incandescent bulbs will still be around

  4. What many people dont seem to realize is that incandescent bulbs are NOT… i repeat.. are NOT being phased out. They only want more efficiency into incandescents. There are already light bulbs that meet the energy efficient standard such as Halogen. There are many incandescents that are not included in the efficiency standards such as….. Anything under 40watts, over 100watts, 3way lighting, appliance lights, flood lights, colored lights, specialty lights (such as candelabra, decorative and globe lights)

  5. If the US bans Incandescent bulbs and pushes CL bulbs, sounds great, however, not only will it cut jobs in the US but will encourage trade with China. They have the only CF bulb manufacturing plants in the world.

  6. Are you people seriously stocking up on hundreds of light bulbs? Thats probably the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard of. I’ve used CFL’s for years and by taking a long time to come on you must mean the amount of time it takes you to flip the switch. Also Cfl lights are white now unless you go out and specifically buy a yellow colored one. These lights aren’t from the 60’s although it sounds like most people on here havn’t seen a flourescent light since then. Things change and you just have to accept it.

    1. BILL, u serously wana talk about rediculous?? The rediculous thing is the greenies and eco friendly nut cases who CLAIM that cfls will clean up the planet and stop global warming. Now, if u like CFLs for what ever reason, then u have the right to use them. They have been trying to improve on the light quality on these cfls for many years and their lighting still sucks. Anybody who cant tell the difference between an incandescent or a cfl needs to get their eyes checked out. If u have good vision, then u can defitnetly see the difference in the kind of light they put out. Maybe YOU don’t mind congress running ur life and telling u how to live but most ppl would rather choose for themselves. And if these CFLs were really inproving like u claim they are, then people will buy them with out anybody’s REGULATIONS. My grandmother bought a beautiful crystal chandelier a month ago. I think that most ppl would agree that a crystal chandelier looks much nicer with incandescents. Who the hell would wana put flourecent lights on a chandelier??? Over a stupid belief that cfls will save the planet????? U must be out ur mind! Until these moron greenies and liberals start paying for my light bill, I will decide what bulbs best suit me. In my opinion, incandescent lights are much more pleasent and nicer. I dont know about u but im proud of my home and i will not convert my home looking like the inside of a gas station or office. I think they’re other ways to save the environment. If u wana talk about rediculious, the bulb ban is whats rediculious. I can accept change as long as its reasonable. The ban is not only unreasonable, but stupid and yes, I have also stocked up on hundreds of boxes of good old edisons. The only way i wont use incandescents anymore is if the light bulb police comes to my door and arrests me.

  7. I read in the Wall Street Journal a while ago that 60% of greenhouse gases come from electricity production, while only 20% come from transportation.

    While a Prius may be eco-cool, the real way to help the enviornment is focusing on electricity – I pay more to have a “green” electricity supply, and I am trying to transition to LED lights…

  8. I will have serious issues if it becomes impossible to continue to get incandescents since CFLs give me serious migraines. It’s already a serious hindrance in the workplace (luckily I have an office where we have a LOT of natural daylighting and they allow me to use an incandescent lamp instead of the overhead fluorescents) but I refuse to use them in my home except in spaces where I need bright light but do not spend a lot of time (porch lights, garage, etc.). Besides the migraines, I wouldn’t want them in my home anyway because of the terrible quality of light so I seriously hope they come up with some new solutions like others have mentioned in their comments. I also wonder what will happen with all of those lamps and sconces that take small candelabra incandescent bulbs since there is currently no CFL options for those?

    Oh, and PS to the author, halogen bulbs technically ARE incandescent bulbs so to say that they are trying to phase out incandescents in favor of halogens does not make sense.

  9. Fluorescent bulbs have too many problems and they contain mercury. That is why they are illegal to produce in the United States. In my opinion, LED lights are the new future. They use a lot less energy, can be dim-able, they are near impossible to break and if they do, there is no special procedure for cleaning them up. For all those hippies that are jumping on the band-wagon saying that they are better for the environment, you need to wake the fuck up! More energy is required to produce a cfl bulb than an incandescent one and disposing them will wreak havoc on our ecosystem. Also, by making this a law, we are outsourcing jobs to China because we can not make cfl bulbs in the US.

  10. The above comments regarding the replacement of incandescent lamps are interesting. The requirement for improving the energy efficiency by 25-35% is quite possible based on known technology. The HIR lamp mentioned (65 watt low beam headlight lamp) increases the lumens by 80%. If used to decrease the energy, the reduction would be about 40%. As mentioned, this technology can not be applied to all types of incandescent lamps.

  11. cfls have been around for a good number of years now (probably since the beginning of the 1990s) and they have tried to make them the same exact warm temperature and color as the incandescents simply because most people still prefer incandescents over flourecent lights In my opinion, cfls or even leds will never even come close to having the nice light quality that incandescents have. cfl light bulbs give off horrible light quality and i dont think that its any of the government’s business the type of light we use. if these moron greenies would stop meddling in peoples lives, this country would be much better off. I am amazed at “Keith” who is actually for the ban. He doesnt realize that he’s too brain washed on what he hears on the disney channel or reads on the ads that he sees on buses. If hes not brain washed, then he must be working as a greenie cop. Incandescents dont hurt anybody except maybe increase ur light bill a little but i can afford it. Not only do cfls give off ugly lighting but even the appearence is ugly. who the hell in their right minds would want an ugly swirly object screwed into their light sockets?? Not me! Someone in here had mentioned that a cfl bulb doesnt work in all places of your house which is absolutly true. There are places in ur home where you have no choice but to use incandescents OR be in the dark. I am not going through the trouble of spending my hard earned cash on replacing my light sockets just to have ugly pissed colored, toxic light in my house. So they can ban away all they want. I have over 600 boxes of incandescent bulbs in my closet and im still stocking until the ban date.

    Keith, all the name calling u do shows how childish you are. You complain about others attacking you like a little girl and yet, YOU’re the one who attacks on others when they disagree with what you’re saying and i think its safe to say that MOST people would disagree with u and your views of this matter. Tough it out and take it like a man. We are only disgussing an issue, not battling. Anyway, nothing that you post will ever convince me to get rid of edison bulbs. Now this is just my opionion but if ur house is lit by ONLY flourecent bulbs, then YES, you have no taste. But hey, its ur house and if prefer toxic bulbs in ur house, god bless u. Face it, most people would rather live in a country where they have a bit of freedom. Sure, freedom doesnt mean doing ANYTHING u want that’s going to hurt the next person. But banning a light bulb because of some stupid scientific myth?? thats just insane. If we’re gona talk about whats “harmful” to our planet, maybe we outa ban vehicles and do what a lot of the asian countries are doing. Ride bikes. After all, bicycles do not dirty the enviornment but all the cars, trucks buses and trains do. So i guess we would all have a great workout while going to our destination. Or maybe we outa ban airplanes. I guess whoever wants to take a vacation will have to BIKE to their vacation spot. We would have incredibly sore legs but hey, at least we wont have any planes, cars, buses and trains because they are so “harmful” to our planet.

  12. no KEITH, why don’t you SHUT UP. U’ve said before that theres no RIGHT to own edison bulbs. And i’m saying that it doesnt say anywhere in the U.S. constitution where govermnent can control the choice of light bulbs that Americans want in their house. you’re so concerned about me attacking at ur posts then maybe u outa stop insulting people when they disagree with ur views. then maybe i’l consider it. Whether u like it or not, even after 2014, more ppl will STILL use incandscent bulbs cuz unlike YOU, we have taste. i’ve stated this b4 and i’l say it again, when the government pays my light bill, then they can choose what bulbs i use for my house. Until then, i will still use edison bulbs. I’m seriously considering making a youtube video of all the 80 and 100watt light bulbs i have in my house but i dont want to be that cruel because u might just catch another titty attack. You need to understand this, even if Edison bulbs disappear from store shelves in 2014, its just going to end up in our homes. So the government has solved NOTHING. i really think do work for the GREEN POLICE. Or ur probably just itching to call the green police and have me locked up for using “NORMAL BULBS” rather than toxic, pissed colored light. Amazing how you get so defensive when people speak THE TRUTH and u cant seem to handle it. u can bark all u want buddy because you, nor you’re moronic green friends will NEVER convince me to use a CFL. the day u break a CFL and u have toxic shit running down your blood stream, dont say i didnt warn u.

  13. Ralph,
    re: “Its amazing how my comments causes your blood pressure to rise.”

    Keith is as amusing to watch as a school of pirañas. He cannot bear opinions other than his own; is thoroughly brainwashed on the subject of ‘manufactured by mankind and animal emissions’ global warming; dismisses freedom as too messy to be left to ordinary citizens — and — he has seriously lousy taste in lighting. He’s been extruded from socialized government schools like so much plastic tubing.

    Warning: Don’t give him too much attention, he has a way of quickly becoming exhausting.

    1. Daisy, All we can do is just stock up on edison bulbs. you’re aboslutly right. Keith has lousy taste in lighting. He is a miserable man which is why he gets so bent outa shape when we disagree with his views. thats why he prefers using ugly depressing lighting because hes a depressed old man. u can tell by the way he posts…lol…. Just like you and most people, i am proud of my home which means that i would rather come home to warm and pleasent lighting.

    2. DAISY, i couldnt agree with you more. Its very entertaining to watch KEITH post garbage, its almost like watching a movie with the words on the bottom of ur screen. Anyway, the Good news for us incandescent lovers is that they’re in the process of making energy efficiant incandescents bulbs and to my thinking, these will most likely kick those ugly cfls to the curb once and for all. i havent tried using them yet but i probably will once the ban takes into effect. I heard that these bulbs are suppose to give out the same exact color as the edison bulb, so you wont be able to tell the difference. Only difference u’l see is that there will be a small capcil ( I think i spelled it wrong…lol) on the bottom of the bulb that wont warm up the bulb on the bottom too much but it will still be warm light that we’re used to seeing from the old traditional bulbs. Heres a video of the energy efficiant bulbs that are suppose to come out very soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fFDDarP3pE

      Now, just in case these green morons decide not to bring these new energy efficient incandescents to the market, i suggest u keep stocking up. you just never know. Also from what i heard, the incandescents that are not part of the ban are the bulbs lower than 40 watts, higher than 100 watts, appliance lights, flood lights and rough service lights. Hopefully all this is true because i just REFUSE to use ugly flourecent bulbs in my house. But from what i’ve read and from what i’ve seen in this video, i think these energy efficiant incandescents will make it to the market.

  14. No matter how u slice it, even after the ban, many ppl will still use edison bulbs because we like the light quality. So the ban is pretty much useless. It’s causing ppl to stock up. CFLs have been around for a long time now and they’ve been saying that the light quality would improve and its still shitty. If u like CFLs, then u can have a ball with them.
    I dont have to do any research on anything because i already know that the ban is stupid. I am more than willing to do what ever it takes to save the planet such as recycling bottles, just like the law here in new jersey requires us to do so. I have no problem with doing that. But to ban something that we use in our homes?? Especially since I’M the one paying for my light bill. Anybody who pays for their light bill is entitled to use any kind of bulbs in their house they want. The only “bad” thing they do is to raise ur bill but I can afford it. The only way that I will use CFLs is if they call the green police telling me i need to get rid of edison bulbs or i will get arrested. Other than that, you and the government and kiss my ass. its obvious that they’re banning these bulbs for the simple fact that MOST people, like me,still prefer edison bulbs. I am kinda tempted to make a video, post it on youtube and show u the hundreds of boxes of incandescents that i have. But then again you may catch heart attack if i did that, so i will go easy on you.
    Have fun with ur CFLs and the shitty light it produces. And as far as telling me to SHUT UP, again, that proves how angry u are at life. Again, make sure the medication that you’re taking is working for u.

  15. Hea keith, the mercury switches in ac units are designed to last a life time and don’t to be replaced like CFLs. Besides that, they are secured behind the face plate of the thermostat avoiding breakage. What about the migraine headaches and eye strain people like me suffer from CFLs?

  16. I have been reading online and I have seen people stand up for mercury saying that exposure for pregnant women and children is harmless. They suggest that short term exposure is not a problem. These are the same people that say that cigarette smoke is a super toxin. They suggest that short term infrequent exposure is a death sentence. There is no proof that cigarette smoke is that bad. These commercials on tv make smoke look like radiation that will melt your brain with just one small exposure. To me this incandescent thing looks more like propaganda based on the opinions of people who don’t know anything besides what al gore and the Disney channel feed them.

  17. I received my Master of Science Degree in Environmenyal Systems Engineering in 1973. I have spent the past 37 years working in the environmental field by designing wastewater treatment systems, industrial air filter systems and ground water cleanup systems. During the decade of the 1970’s we were told of the impending ” Ice Age ” .

    The former USSR had a plan to use low level nuclear bombs to divert rivers in order to melt some of their glaciers. Hell – NASA had a plan to drop soot over the North Pole in order to melt “our” glaciers. FRIGGIN IDIOTS !

    So now Iam to believe that all the info we studied in the 1970’s was wrong and that global warming is the ” cause du jour” . Mr. Spock himself had a TV series called ” In search of …” In 1978 he hosted a three part series documenting the coming Ice Age. Google it on the internet. Quite amazing that the public gets subjected to all these ” therories” and we are just supposed to roll over and play dead.

    Not again, thank you.

    Al Gore and his global warming minions are just pimps and Mother Earth is their whore.

    1. Who are you calling an idiot? perhaps you should look in a mirror. When you were receiving your degree in the seventies perhaps you should also have taken lessons in common sense and how to use that moribund organ between your ears to evaluate all these “THINGS” you were being told. Who told you all these “THINGS” ? Did you also believe all the ads you saw on TV such as Earl Scheib who could “paint any car any color for $29.99”. Sounds like you believed everything “THEY” told you. Just like a good little conservative robot.
      Now that we have indisputable scientific evidence of global change you suddenly DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Where do you get this information from? Glen Beck or Flush Lumber or the RNC.
      Do you honestly think those morons are interested in reality or adding dollars to their bank accounts. I have very good news for you, if you send me a check for $1,000 to cover admin. costs I will send you the winning ticket to the next Superball Lottery.
      Do you believe that?
      Now to be serious can you site even one credible, published, peer reviewed research paper that disputes the fact that global climate change is happening.
      Please let me have all the details, if you cannot do this then save us all a lot of heartburn and SHUT UP.

      1. Keith sounds to me like you havent been taking your medication. Its amazing how my comments causes your blood pressure to rise. I find it incredible that you get bent out of shape when people speak FACTs and whats even more incredible is how upset you get when people call you names when in fact, you do the same thing in almost ALL the comments u have made. You are a miserable old man as well as a hypocrite. I think i really need to be careful what i say to you cuz i wouldnt doubt it if you worked for the “Green Police”. Why would u criticize anybody for believing things that they’ve heard from anywhere when u do the same thing. You have this crazy belief that using CFLs will help climate change. WRONG!!! Climate change will happen regardless of steps that we take, even if it means using ONLY CFLs. Climate change has been happening since the beginning of time and it will ALWAYS happen. (Let me know when I’m outa line Mr. Green Police). Funny how you ignore some of the things that have been addressed from me and a few other posts. If incandecents are banned, how do u suppose we light our refridgerators?? Lets see if u can answer that big shot. If u were so smart, u would know that CFLs dont work well in cold. Looks like I’l have to use a flash light when i want a mid night snack. You do know that there places in ur house where CFLs dont work and where incandecents are needed rite?? Do u really think that I’m gona spend thousands of bucks replacing fixtures to use shitty cfls??? NEVER!! You’re too stupid to realize that government is FORCING us to use cfls because they know that most ppl , like me, still prefer incandecents and its killing u. i can bet u any money that even in 50 years from today, Most ppl will still be using edison bulbs because nobody is gona force us to use ugly yellow colored CFLs. So u can stick with ur toxic cfls and u know what u can do with them after that. next time u post, make sure you take that medicine and dont O.D on it.

        1. Oh! dear Ralph were do I start, well for a beginning I did not start the name calling I was the one on the receiving of all the insults when these dialogs started. Unfortunately I gave in to temptation and started using the same tactic.
          Your spelling and grammar is appalling did you go to a normal school or were you home schooled.
          Now try and use some common sense and start to THINK, you seem to have a fixation concerning government conspiracies. Just give me ONE rational (note I said RATIONAL) reason as to why the government is trying to force you NOT to use incandescent bulbs. For crying out loud please give me just ONE reason.
          When lead was banned from gasoline the same lunatics started screaming about their rights and vowing to stockpile leaded gas so that they could continue to use it instead of UN-LEADED gas. They actually claimed that their cars ran better and more efficiently on leaded gas, when was the last time YOU heard from those cretins?
          NO I am not a member of the Green Police and why are you also fixated on AGE, you have more hang ups than a Dry Cleaner.
          I asked you to cite just ONE scientific report that refutes Global Climate Change, I assume that you cannot find one (hint there are none). Then you accuse me of ignoring FACTS, WHAT FACTS? I see NO FACTS in your rant it is just a rant.
          Have you been chewing leaded paint again or are you out off your medication.
          Now back to some real facts:
          Yes Climate change has been going on since the birth of the Earth on that fact you are CORRECT. However what you forgot or ignored is that Climate Change is occurring at a faster rate than EVER BEFORE. That is the whole point, gradual climate change enables the natural processes of the Earth to adjust without catastrophic consequences.
          As for the subject of these discussions the much maligned CFLs.
          You are obviously NOT AWARE that ALL fluorescent lights now come in various colors or frequencies to suit the needs of almost everyone. You can even get DIMMABLE fluorescent lights now as well as fluorescent lights specifically designed to work inLOW TEMPERATURES and they will work in your refrigerator.
          While we are on the subject you mentioned a flash light, flash lights with INCANDESCENT bulbs are disappearing fast you had better stock up on these also. Some of the early LEDs produced pretty lousy color but the ones I have purchased recently give a very natural light.
          I think that I have demolished just about every objection your raised in your response.
          Of course if you knew how to use your computer or the reference section of your local library you could have checked these facts for yourself. Instead you just make yourself look more and more FOOLISH.
          I do hope you have checked your house for any thermostats that contain MERCURY, it seems that you are very concerned about this particular pollutant.
          Also be very careful about ANY building you go into as there may also be thermostats there that contain MERCURY. Mercury based thermostats are EVERYWHERE and don’t forget BAROMETERS. Look up a device called a FORTIN BAROMETER it contains a small bath of MERCURY that is open to the atmosphere and they are everywhere.
          As for my blood pressure, you are correct your comments do cause it to rise but don’t worry too much it is well under control. It is just that I am saddened that there are still ignorant people who have not the slightest ideas what they are talking about. Here we are in the information age but you seem to have the mentality of a buffoon.
          You NEVER address any of the points that I raise, you just attack attack attack.
          Well little man I advise you to take your ritalin and get a good nights sleep and then SHUT UP.

          1. I love it how bent out of shape you get when people post what you dont wana read. Then you complain like a little girl about people attacking you. Maybe if you didn’t stoop to name calling, nobody would ATTACK you. Everybody has different opionions and most of us disagree with your views. Take it like a man and deal with it instead of whinning like a kid. I dont know what kind of cfls you have in your house, but the ones i had don’t last as long as people say it does. I also know people who used cfls and again, theirs didnt last long either. Also where i work at, they had switched over from using incandescent floods, to flourecent lighting and twice a month, those flourecent bulbs burn out. Thats just ONE way i know that you and your green friends and are bull shitters. They last almost just as long as ur standard incandescents. The fact that you’re so brain washed into believing a FICTION story about cfls saving the planet shows how little your brain is. Or then again, you’re probably just another religious nut case thinking that the planet will be much cleaner if we switch to CFLs. Why would i use shitty light just because all you religious nut jobs think that its cleaner light???? Sorry to break this to you my friend but most us have taste and I will not use CFLs for as long as i live. I think that you’ve had bad experiences with incandecent bulbs or u probably just dont like them. thats fine. Everyone has different taste. Now, you had stated that cfls are made in different colors. On that statement, you are right, however, the light quality that cfls have will never come close to having the NICER light quality that incandecents have, no matter how hard they try to improve them. Notice how they’ve been TRYING to improve the light quality of cfls and they’re STILL shitty. And they do it because they know that 8 out of 10 people will ALWAYS prefer edison bulbs over flourecents. You can never get the same light quality from a cfl that an incandescent has no matter how hard u try. Its impossible. The only flourecent lights that i’l use are the old skool circular lights or the tubes. Not cfls.
            Now you wana talk about saving the planet, how about we ban vehicles such as cars buses and even trains. In new york city, you got elevated subways that run all over the city. maybe they should ban them because they release tons of toxic shit into our atmosphere. lets all walk to our destinations or ride bikes. We will be sore after we get to where we need to go but HEY we’re saving the planet. You’d probably get a heart attack if u came to my house cuz thru out my entire house, im using incandescents with 100 watts. And i have over 400 boxes of incandescents stored up in my closet and I’m still stocking up.

            I advice you take a look at this video. This is about a lady who caught rashes using CFLs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x6LNTdMVaU&feature=related

            Make sure you take ur mediciation b4 you post back because I’m sure that you’re about to go crazy AGAIN and start calling names.

      2. KEITH, u entertain me with ur posts. it gives me great pleasure to watch you go crazy. u are a typical liberal. when someone’s views are different from yours, ur quick to tell people to shut up. why dont YOU shut up. you’re telling ppl that they believe everything they hear and yet ur the moron who believes that global warming is happening. Where did u get that info from and since when did u become Mr. Scientist?? if global warming is here, then why did it snow in new orleans last year???? Why did parts of Florida have record low temperatures last year?? By the way, the temperature in florida was low enough to destroy crops AND there were snow flakes recorded off the coast of West Palm Beach, Florida. Face it, MOST people will not fall for ur GREEN scams. CFLs suck, LEDs suck. if u actually believe that an incandecent bulb is contributing to climate change, then u need to get ur head examined. You and all your green pals are a bunch of eco nut cases. seems to me like ur not proud of ur house. amazing how u would make ur home look like the inside of an office or an E.R. hospital room for a belief that cfl bulb will save the planet. Maybe to piss u off further, i outa buy more edison bulbs and leave the lights on 24/7. what are u gona do, Call the light bulb police on me???

        Maybe if u did some more research instead of whinning, u would know the real deal. Read carefully old man so that u don’t make more of a fool of urself than u already have. Now, not all incandescents are being phased out. Anything below 40 watts (light bulbs for decoration purposes), above 100 watts, incandescent flood lamps, appliance lights, rough surfing lights and colored incandescents bulbs are not included in the ban. They are even making halogen bulbs which are incandescents that are as much as 50% energy efficient AND they are already in the market. My girlfriend lives in a building that had compact flourecent lights at one time, once halogen bulbs came out, the owner replaced them with Halogen bulbs. (Dont get a heart attack yet)
        Keith, one of the posts that i read, u said that cfls are improving. If that’s really the case, millions of ppl would not be making a fast dash to stores to stock up on edison bulbs. And if cfls were really improving, congress would let consumers make up their own minds if they wana buy them or not. Not force it on us. I can bet u any money that if they were gona ban CFLs, not many ppl would give a shit. Except for you and your mentally disturbed green friends. You and ur eco nut job family members feel threatened that most ppl will still prefer edison bulbs. Thats why they’re trying so hard to tell ppl to use them.
        Sorry buddy but i will NEVER use a cfl in my life. the lighting quality is poor, gloomy and it takes forever to warm up. Call the light bulb police on me now. maybe then u’l feel better.

  18. Just found out about the incandecent bulb ban a few days ago. Looks like I will be stocking up on good old Edison bulbs. CFLs dont work in all places. There are places where incandecents are needed. All this “Green” talk sounds like a scam to me. I’m not gona point names out but for the people who are for the ban, it amazes me how brain washed they are on the green scams that are going on. Incandecent bulbs have nothing to do with climate change morons! Wake up and smell the coffee! This is just another poor excuse for congress wanting to meddle in other peoples lives. If cfls are that good, let consumers decide that for themselves. Instead, they wana ban incandecents and FORCE us to use cfls, cuz they know that MOST people such as myself, dont like cfls. Banning something cuz someone has a BELIEF that cfls will save the planet is just pure stupidity. If anything, cfls will probably harm the planet with all the toxic shit thats in it. And believe me, they are toxic. I have heard of people getting sick from accidently breaking a cfl. I got proof of that from doctors telling me about having patients visiting them telling them they’re sick from the mercury in those bulbs. Unless the doctor was lying, then thats proof enough that cfls can be toxic if not properly disposed after it breaks. For years, they have been saying that CFLs will improve, and they still give off shitty, urine colored light. On top of that, they’re made from China. Well, I am paying for my electric bill, so i will decide what bulbs to use, thank you very much. I will use Edison bulbs for ever.

    1. So you just found out about it, when most people have known about it for several years. One of the hallmarks of morons is that they are SO UNINFORMED, another hallmark is that they DON”T BELIEVE what almost everyone else KNOWS to be the truth. Yet another sign is that they profess to know more than almost every group of climate scientists in the world. Climate scientists have been working on the problem for years and yet the know it all MORONS DON”T BELIEVE IT. Do these morons have any EVIDENCE or PEER REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC STUDIES to back up there assertions? OF COURSE NOT, they probably don’t even understand what a peer reviewed study is.
      Are the incandescent bulbs directly causing global climate change, NO, they are causing it INDIRECTLY because these bulbs are SOOOO inefficient they require more and more electric power which means more and more power plants which means more and more CO2 which means more and more GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.
      Can CFLs poison us because they contain Mercury, YES, however you are probably too ignorant to know that millions upon millions of thermostats that have been in our homes for upwards of 100 years also contain significant amounts of MERCURY.
      WHY HAVE YOU NOT BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT THAT, ask the same doctors that you got the evidence from about that. They will tell you that Mercury from thermostats can be even more poisonous than from CFLs .
      You don’t want government to INTERFERE in your life, your lack of intelligence may be the result of lead poisoning in the house you grew up in. Due to the efforts of INTERFERING government bureaucrats lead has been banned from many products that have been poisoning us. They had to fight the manufacturers of these products who would much rather have continued to sell those products WITH THE LEAD STILL IN THEM.

      1. Keith, u sound pretty angry, old man. Sometimes I wonder if you work for the “Green Police”. All u do is post and post and the only thing that comes out of what ur saying is absolutly NOTHING. Whether you wana believe it or not, they are FORCING us to use cfls because they know that MOST people such as myself, will never use ugly, shit colored flourecent light. They are not as efficient as people say they are and they dont last as long as alot of u moronic greenies say they do. I live in a building where its ALL cfl lighting, and every 3 weeks or a month, one of them burns out. Thats proof enough that they dont last long. If cfls are so good, why not let consumers decide if they wana buy them?? I dont know if ur old age has eaten ur brain but there are places where incandecents are needed. Kinda funny how i mentioned that and u seem it ignore it. For example, do u know that CFLs do poorly in cold? So how do u figure we light our refridgerators once the ban takes place. U keep saying that “THERES NO RIGHT TO OWN INCANDECENT LIGHT BULBS” . Just like theres no right to own cars because they pollute the air. So maybe we outa ride bikes to get to where ever we need to go. We wont get very far but hey, at least the air will be cleaner right? All the name calling that u do, clearly shows how miserable you are and i just sit back and laugh at ur bogus and ignorant comments. when someone speaks the truth, you simply can’t handle it. Well, you can stay depressed with ur depressing, ugly CFLs and i will continue to enjoy my life buying the light bulbs I WANT. Maybe i should watch what i say around u cuz again, ur probably the green police and i may get arrested for having the hundreds of boxes of incandecents that i have stocked up. Bottom line is this, i will use edison bulbs for ever just like millions of other ppl. Good day!

  19. somehow i seriously doubt that incandecents will totally phase out. 1st off, even if after 2014 they do get phased out, many ppl will have stocked up and still keep them around in their homes. why? Because they give off better light quality. i dont mind congress encouraging us to switch but for them to foce it on us is not right and they force it on us because they know that MOST people hate cfls. We as consumers have a right to choose what light bulb to use. To me, cfl lighting is horrible and on top of that, its made in China. These “Greenies” need to cut it out with this nonsense already. i guess i’l have to do what many ppl are doing and just stock up on edison bulbs.

  20. I have a neurological condition which causes me to feel severe pain, hallucinate, and pass out under both old style fluorescents and CFLs. Incandescents and halogen lights are the only lights I’m able to use in my house at the moment. If incandescents are phased out, I will be forced to live in the dark.

    1. What is the name of this neurological condition? I know some doctors who are confused by these symptoms, they say that they are unfamiliar with this. However if you can give me a name I am sure they will do some research.
      You do not however have to live in the dark, have you considered gas lights or oil lights or even candles. In the early 20th century when electric light began to replace gas many people said that they were disturbed by the 60 cycle flicker of incandescent bulbs. Many people like you said that they could not tolerate electric lights and were afraid that they also would have to live in the dark. However as you can see those concerns went away and everyone has been able to get used to incandescents.
      I hope the same will happen with you, this situation is anything but unique if you look back at history every major change in technology has had its critics who could not or would not change. But as we can see these changes did not result in catastrophe, if we had not made these changes then we would still be living in caves and rubbing sticks together to create fire.
      With this condition of yours how do you get around? everywhere in the nations fluorescent light are used from supermarkets to shopping malls from residential homes to office blocks from bus stations to airports. I don’t see how you can exist under these conditions you couldn’t even go to McDonalds at night for a hamburger.
      Good luck.

  21. Keith do u know if they are going to make leds with the same color temperature as incandecent light bulbs? And as far as the circular flourecent bulbs, are those going to be around for a long time?? I like the old fashi0ned flourecent tubes and circular lights. Let me know when u get the chance. thanks

    1. Here we go again Daisy, I do know the meaning of freedom but what you don’t know is that the word “freedom” is different from the FREEDOM we enjoy as a FREE DEMOCRATIC society. The word “freedom” implies that we have the freedom do do ANYTHING we please. Even you must understand that no society could possibly exist with such a ridiculously dangerous concept. Therefore the “freedom” we enjoy has certain limitations, you are not “free” to kill anyone, you are not “free” to simply take (steal) anyone’s property, you are not free to “use or squander” precious resources that could endanger us all, and the list goes on.
      Do I have to repeat myself again and again, your simplistic view of “freedom” is NOT FREEDOM, it is ANARCHY which is the exact opposite of what any intelligent person would consider to be a “free” society.
      Now as to the constitution, nowhere in the constitution does there exist the right that you seem to yearn for, that is the freedom to do anything you want to do. To the contrary the constitution envisages a society that exists within defined rules that make the Liberty of everyone possible.
      If you don’t understand this simple yet oh so important concept then I am truly sorry for you. Perhaps you should go and join one of these so called patriotic militias who wave the flag and the constitution and their guns. If you do take some advice, NEVER DISAGREE WITH THEM. If you do you will very quickly find out that the “freedoms” you now take for granted will disappear very quickly, you will find that “free speech” is a foreign concept to THESE patriots. Their idea of freedom is to threaten or terrorize or shoot anyone who does not fall completely under their control. The up side of these groups is that you will probably be able to use as many incandescent bulbs as you wish.
      Freedom and the free society that we cherish is NOT FREE, that is – not your concept of FREEDOM. Heaven protect us from the FREEDOM loving FLAG waving CONSTITUTION quoting GUN toting patriot. Believe me they couldn’t care one whit about your rights and your freedom

  22. I have never heard such a bunch of spoiled brats screaming over something as simple, obvious and necessary as changing light bulbs.
    You are a bunch of modern day Luddites, I am sure that when we changed from candles to gas lights you would have been screaming about the cost of the gas filaments over the cost of candles. And as for the government (or big business) putting DANGEROUS HIGHLY INFLAMMABLE GAS into your homes, OMG you would probably have had apoplexy. Then when we changed from gaslight to electric light you would have rioted again, now the government was making you use DANGEROUS HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY. Now you are doing the same again, for heavens sake calm down this isn’t the end of the world. Some of you are so out of control one would think that the big scary government was putting surveillance devices in each CFL as well as electronic trackers in the metallic stripes of dollar bills. I am going to keep a watchful eye out for the black helicopters.
    I apologise to Daisy for bragging about my house (I said it was NICE which apparently is BRAGGING), you people need to get lives.
    Yes I do recommend that you all move to Somalia for all the reasons I have already stated. Instead of sneering at me and calling me a socialist or communist please explain in detail why my advice is so WRONG.
    In Somalia there are NO governmental restrictions on your liberty.
    You can do what you like and use all the incandescents you wish.
    You can carry around your little guns with no policemen watching over your shoulders.
    Somalia sounds like PARADISE for all you liberty loving anarchists.
    Now please explain to me why you think I am wrong, if you still insist on calling me names then it just proves how empty and pathetic your reasoning is.
    Most importantly look up the meaning of such words as Communist, Socialist, Anarchist etc. before using them. None of you seem to know the meaning of these words, but you love to throw them around. I suppose that if you can’t formulate a coherent argument then throwing around these words and claiming all kinds of RIGHTS that DO NOT EXIST is all that is left for you

  23. You couldnt pay me all the money in the world, to use cfl light bulbs. No matter what anybody says, I will never switch to flourecent light bulbs. That’s like government choosing what type of clothing i should wear. This country would be better off if the government would back off a little. If flourecent lights are so superior, people will buy them. But dont take away my choice on what I can buy. We have been using incandecent light bulbs for over 100 years. If incandecents were that “BAD FOR THE P LANET” then why did it take over 100 years for anybody to address the issue? I think its just another poor excuse for congress wanting to meddle in everybodys lives. I honestly think that they’re not going to solve anything when the ban year comes because most people prefer incandecents over cfls just like i do which means that most people will still use them after 2014. So instead of them being in stores, they will be in peoples homes. So what has the government solved? Absolutly nothing!!! So I will too, do what most people are doing and begin to start buying boxes of edison bulbs every week. By the time the ban period comes, i will have hundreds of boxes. So screw the government!

  24. Keith brags: “I have a very nice 4000 sqft house with very good quality light fixtures that cost nowhere near $7500, are yours all gold plated or real gold.”

    Well, Keith, my house is over 5000 sq feet. In my kitchen alone, I have over $10,000 worth of lighting. And not one single CFL anywhere, nor will there ever be one.

    As for you setting yourself up not only as the lightbulb environmental police, but now the decorating police, don’t bother. Some of us just have better taste than you – no matter the square footage of our living space. And the price of freedom? Incalculable.

  25. leds are probably going to replace cfls soon but i still like incandecent bulbs. I only use cfls in places where i use the light most of the time and in some places i use incandecents. i also have an old fashion circular flourecent light in my kitchen. I hope they dont ban the circular or even the tube flourecent lights because i dont think they are a waste of energy. how long will they be around? If anybody knows plz let me know. Thank you!

  26. Walker, I have not read your post in detail but there is one statement that I must comment on. You have $7500 worth of light fixtures in a 3000 sqft. house!!!!!
    I have a very nice 4000 sqft house with very good quality light fixtures that cost nowhere near $7500, are yours all gold plated or real gold. We have lights from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Fergusons and Expo, admittedly these are not THEEE most chic stores but if you live in a house of ONLY 3000 sqft it isn’t worth buying lights from Neiman Marcus or Harrods.

  27. There are other concerns. “Advertised” brightness for CFLs do not match actual incandescent brightness. A 60watt incandescent provides as much light as a 15W CFL, but 13w and 14w CFL are always (deceitfully) claimed to replace them. Where are the candelabra based CFLs? I have 28 candelabra base bulbs in my house, where I need them to support 16w CFL on dimmers, or I have to replace 7 light fixtures – probably $1200-1500 worth of replacement fixtures if I am lucky.
    Now add the costs of replacing the fixtures for all of the clear bulbs in my house, and you have another 4, then replace all of the enclosed fixtures, like ceiling dome lights, since you can’t run CFL in them – they overheat and burn out in DAYS, not years. So, I can buy 3 incandescent bulbs for $1 and put them in my ceiling fixture and have them last a year or more. But instead, I replace them with CFLs that are not as bright, and I will lose at least one $2 CFL a month due to overheating. That means in just one fixture, my annual cost is $1 for incandescent or $42 for CFL – BUT, wait, here it comes, I saved 87 cents worth of electricity for the year! what a bargain.
    Now I am replacing more than $7500 worth of light fixtures (if I buy on the cheap) to be able to replace my light bulbs with CFLs? In my 3000 sq ft house, there are a total of 4 light fixtures I would NOT have to replace. And, almost all of my lights are on dimmers, so I am either losing the flexibility of dimmers, or paying 5X the cost for a dimmable CFL.
    And what about the light in my garage door opener – that is subject to vibration and only stays on for 4 minutes at a time, or for the light on the landing on my stairs, that is on only when I go up or down the stairs – maybe 30 seconds at a time? Or the light in my bathroom – which is ONLY on for more than a few minutes when I shower. It is a proven fact that CFLs take several minutes to reach full light, and they work best when left on for longer amounts of time. You flip them on and off regularly and you shorten their life to months, weeks, and even days, meaning you are just throwing out more hazardous waste.
    Now, in Minnesota winters when it is under freezing for over 4 months of the year, how many CFLs work when it is that cold? So, I cannot have any external lights, front door light, safety lights on the front of my house or garage? Freezer light bulbs, refrigerator lightbulbs, and the minifixtures that use other small/appliance bulbs – there are no CFLs that work in these either because of the temperature requirements or because of the size – you just cannot make a CFL as small as a mini-incandescant.
    How long do I have to burn all the new CFLs in those new light fixtures to make up for the cost of replacements? Not in my lifetime, or that of my children. So if I am out THOUSANDS of dollars by converting, how exactly is this beneficial to me???

  28. Keith, easy there old guy. Wouldnt want your blood pressure to sky rocket over comments and the truth that hurts you. Kind of funny how much of a hypocrite you are. You have nerve telling other people not to stoop down to name calling because they disagree with other comments, and yet, i’ve read in your other posts, you doing the same thing. Just because somebody doesnt agree with your “communists” thoughts. Just for your info, I dont take someone calling me an “ass” too well so yes, i will respond to it and i may not be nice about it. As always keith, you sound like a broken record player. “Pack your bags and go to Somalia ” I’m not going any where. YOU need to pack your bags up and move to Canada where you’l have the cops breathing down your neck constantly about not using incadecents. Why are u talking about lead paint and guns?? Stick with the subject buddy. I love it how communists like you get off the subject, trying to spin everything around to make urself look like you know what you’re talking about. Whether you like it or not, me and hundreds of people stocked up on hundreds of incandecent bulbs and thats what I’m using. And keith again i say, after the ban i can almost guarantee you that 90% of house holds will still use good old edison bulbs because this is the land of the free and they dont harm anybody but raise ur eletric bill a little. So you can stick with your lead paint and toxic mecury filled flourecents and have a ball. Good Day 😉

    1. Mike I can’t believe just how un-intelligent you are, have you ever heard of the word IRONY? irony was what I was using to point out that you should not call people names just because they disagree with you. Of course if you went to an average High School you wouldn’t have learned about such things. I called you all those names just to MAKE A POINT.
      Now let me explain a few other things that you obviously do NOT understand. You are correct that the subject of these discussions is the phase out of Incandescent bulbs in the US. I will go slowly so that you can follow me.
      Firstly, some people yourself included object to this phase out because it violates some non existent right that allows all Americans to buy whatever kind of bulb they please.
      I have merely tried to point out that there is NO such right and that the phase out of incandescent will be very beneficial to the country in general.
      Other things besides bulbs have been phased out, ARE YOU AWARE OF THIS. Probably not because if you were then you would not be asking me why I am talking about Leaded paint and Leaded gasoline.
      Are you still with me? if I followed your LOGIC them Americans should have the right to buy Leaded paint and gasoline and the government should butt out.
      I have not heard any screaming for the restoration of these toxic products, banning them benefits the country just as banning incandescents will BENEFIT the country. Can you follow this.
      Now as to me being a communist, you obviously have NO concept what a communist is. You have probably heard some one some where use the term and have decided to co-opt it without having ANY idea what it means. I am a democrat who believes in the rule of law, you would seem to be a fascist and I do know what those are (note I said you appear to be)
      It is not I who needs to leave this country because of the incandescent bulb who ha. It is you who needs to leave as you are SOOOOO angry with the government for taking away your rights.
      If I sound like a broken record you may well be correct, but the reason for it is that people like yourself cannot or will not READ what I have said and think about it before reverting to you mindless rant on liberty and freedom.
      This IS the land of the free because I have the right to disagree and I like to live in a country where reasonable people can agree on reasonable rules that benefit everyone. Not just those who shout the loudest or wave their little guns.
      You sound like one of these so called patriotic militia members who shout about freedom and liberty but I strongly suspect that those ideals would not last very long if someone should be so unwise as to disagree with them.
      That is why you would love to live in Somalia where this NO pesky government to interfere with your exercise of your rights, real or imaginary.
      And what’s this about the police breathing down your neck in Canada. Who told you that little piece of fiction, Canada is not a police state far from it in many ways they enjoy and better standard of living and more freedoms than we do here. If you do not believe that then you probably believe all the lies about the Canadian Health system being something akin to concentration camps. Here those of us who can AFFORD health care are robbed of our savings by wealthy insurance companies who bribe our elected officials to look the other way.
      Dear dear me I sound like a broken record again.
      Look stop writing garbage, go and do some serious research for yourself. Don’t listen to the junk they churn out on the hate radio stations or Fox noise. I will let you into a secret people with intelligence do not believe any of that garbage it is intended to inflame the morons who can’t reason things out for themselves.
      So go buy your stock pile of incandescent bulbs if that will make you feel happy, do don’t seem to have any higher aspirations in your hum drum little life.
      I will enjoy my summer traveling in Europe and Canada going to the theater and listening to real music (classical concerts of course) with the money I made on the stock market. You see I got out of the market before it crashed unlike all the idiots who were listening to hate radio. I did my research I could see that the market could no sustain itself, I did a lot of THINKING and REASONING and RESEARCH.
      Send me an e-mail when you get to Somalia or whatever hovel you end up in. Get an education, think for yourself, do your own research, don’t believe anything you hear from hate radio or Fox Noise but above all THINK for yourself. And read the constitution BEFORE you start claiming rights that do not exist.

  29. Mike, you fascist heathen ignorant moron, stop calling people who disagree with you stupid names.
    Obviously the cold where you live has frozen up the few brain cells that constitute what for you passes as a brain. You seem to think that there is a vast communist conspiracy against you, this is a common fantasy for those who have your kind of mental handicap. Do you really believe that using incandescent bulbs will warm the frozen wastes of your homeland and where in the constitution of this free land does it say that you have the right to use such bulbs. I will help you here, the constitution makes NO MENTION of incandescent bulbs.
    As I have said many times “Freedom does NOT mean that you have the right to do ANYTHING your limited intellect desires”. the “RIGHT” to do anything is known as ANARCHY, go look that up in an encyclopedia. Then pack your bags and move to Somalia where there are NO restrictions on your “RIGHTS” and you can use the bulbs of your choice, assuming that you can find any electricity.
    I would much rather live in a free country where sensible people make sensible rules that benefit everyone. You would rather live in a country ruled by a mob who enforce their insane vision of freedom by screaming from the rooftops and threatening everyone with their little guns.
    You say that if incandescents where so bad why have they been around for a hundred years. Once again you show your total lack of understanding, lead used in paint and gasoline has been around for many years do you also think that leaded gasoline and lead based paint is NOT hazardous both to us and the planet. The naughty government has taken away our lead based paint which you apparently think is perfectly OK to use in a childs bedroom where the child can chew on it and get brain damage (did you have lead paint in your bedroom).
    Stop making a fool of yourself and go get an education, then stop buying cheap shoddy CFLs at Big Lots and buy some quality ones made by GE or PHILIPS.

  30. Will, there is nothing wrong with saving the planet and keeping it clean. I am all for it. But the only thing that incandecent light bulbs hurt is our electric bill. Maybe there are a few factors that you and your communists friends seem to always 4get. one of them is that CFLs dont work all in all fixtures such as refridgerators. Flourecent bulbs do very poorly in cold temperatures. If we dont have incandecents, how do u suppose we light our fridges? Mayb u wouldnt mind using a flashlight to get what u want for a mid night snack huh. Another factor is heat. Yes, we all know that incandecents produce more heat than light but here where im from, it gets cold in the winter. so any type of heat is welcomed, even if its from a light bulb plus i like the type of light that incandecents produce. CFLs produce shitty white light and many of them don’t last as long as your communist greenies says it does. I had one in my living room lamp and it only lasted 2 months. My girlfriend had one in her bed room and it lasted 8 months for her. I hate to break this to you but even after the ban (2014) 9 out of 10 people here in the U.S. will STILL use incandecents because we like the light it produces and also because we live in America which is the land of the free. Which means nobody will tell me how to light my house. If CFLs are so superior and good, then consumers will buy them. But to take away our freedom to choose is not the way to go. And it has been proven that the goverment has a very poor track record because of them choosing for us. if incandecents were so bad for the planet, they wouldnt be around as long as they have been (over 100 years) So before you use name calling comments, u should do some research of your own because from reading ur comments, ur the one making an ass out of urself making moronic comments.

  31. KEITH, congress does make decision for us to ensure our safty and with freedom does come with responsibilty. I am all for saving the planet. Recycling cans, bottles etc etc. But this is freaking insane. We’re talking about a light bulb. The only harm that incadecents do is raise ur electricity bill. Eddie has a very good point. WE’re paying for our own electric bill so we should decide what light bulbs best suit us. Not the government. Fact of the matter is that flourecent bulbs dont work in all fixtures. Again, congress not thinking as usual. If CFLs and LEDs are so superior, consumers will buy them with out anybodys regulations. But why should they restrict consumers choice? Fact is, these flourcent light bulbs are not as good as ppl claim it is. I live in a building where they use flourcent lighting in a candle shaped bulb and many of them blow out quite often. i have a beautiful chandelier in my dining room. Most ppl would probably agree with me that chandeliers look nicer with incandecent bulbs. I am not gona use ugly ass flourcents on my chandelier just because the government THINKS its going to save the planet. KEITH, after reading ur posts, i’m wondering if you work for or with the idiots of congress. You are a communist! Maybe u outa move to Cuba where fidel castro will be up your ass 24/7 at every little thing u do. Oh and great news, there, nobody uses incandecents any more. Everyone there switched to flourecent lighting. If u want flourcent lights in your house, thats your choice. Its your house and you’re paying for your light bill. Just like if i wana use incandcents, i can and I will. Looks like i’l have to do what most ppl are doing and stock up.

  32. JOEY, in response to your other comment, u made a good point. G.E. is still in the process of figuring out how to make energy efficient incandecents. they failed once but i read somewhere that they’re not giving up. until then, incandecent lovers should continue to stock up. we still have a few more years to go.

  33. KEITH, it looks to me like the more u post, the more upset u become. why is that?? Mayb cuz we’re speaking out the truth?? Calm down there fella b4 u burst. KEITH, it amazes me that u believe all the garbage u hear on tv, and the things u read. have u ever thought that maybe the crap ur hearing about incandecents are harmful to the planet is bull shit. SURE, the government makes laws to ensure the safety for everybody. The examples ur giving about gasoline and all the other crap ur posting are poor examples. If incandecents were that harmful to the planet, why havent they banned them a long time ago?? they’ve been around for over 100 years and homeowners havent complained about them. The only ones complaining are communists such as urself who dont enjoy freedom. The only “HARM” these light bulbs do is sky rockets your light bill and again, i dont mind because i prefer the light it gives off. lol screw the government, im sticking with my incandecents. Mayb ur sick of ppl crying about their freedom but MOST american citizens such as myself enjoy our freedom. Mayb u rather have the govenment up your jock 24/7 and thats fine if thats what u want but MOST citizens such as myself will continue living the life style that we want just as long as nobodys harming anybody and theres no proof that incandecents are harming the planet or anybody. Thats just another poor excuse for congress trying to interfere with our life style. Maybe u outa move to canada. There, they have the cops knocking on ur door to make sure ur not using incandecents. Maybe you’l be happier there. I”m not harming anyone or anything by using incandecents. And again as i said, I’m the person paying for MY light bill, so i will decide what lightbulbs is suitable for me. When the government pays for my light, then they can decide, until then, they can kiss my ass. And i will continue to stock up until they’re gone.

    i see that me and a couple of others had posted something b4 about CFLs not working well in cold and refridgerators. Funny how you’ve been ignoring that. How do you suppose we should light are refridgerators with CFLs?? U do know that incandecents are needed in some of our appliances right? or again, are u just ignoring the FACTS. Could u imagine a flourecent light in ovens??? Wouldnt that be an interesting thing to see.

    For most of us living up north, any type of heat is always welcomed. Duhh KEITH, nobodys gona heat their homes in the summer. I just love how u TRY to post AT ppl instead to people trying to make them look stupid and make urself sound like u know everything. Well, if u really knew what u were talking about, almost all of the people posting would agree with what you’re saying. But it seems like thats just the total opposite. Whether u like it or not, most americans such as myself are sticking with old fashioned light bulbs because we like it. If u like shitty light in ur house, have a ball and enjoy them.

    And as for JOEY, u need to get back to ur history book, my friend. America does have laws and most of them are good laws. But banning something we’ve been using for a long time, thats not harming anything but mayb our light bills is something totally different. Whats next? mayb they should ban computers and the internet because of child molestors who are out there hitting on young children. So i guess we wont be able to post on youtube or on here anymore because of those sickos, and we’l all have to suffer now. Have a good one people.

  34. Eddie I am fed up trying to educate those who plainly do not have the intelligence to THINK about things instead of yelling and screaming about their rights and freedoms. If you will read some of my other posts you will see that I have explained that freedom does NOT mean you have the right to do ANYTHING you want. Doing anything your little heart desires is known as ANARCHY the exact opposite of freedom. Stop and think for a while please, the mark of a free and safe society is the existence of laws and responsibilities. Yes RESPONSIBILITY is the most important thing of all for without RESPONSIBILITY there is NO FREEDOM. Total freedom exists in places like Somalia where there are NO laws to tell you what to do. However you do need a small army armed to the teeth to defend those freedoms you cherish so much, in fact I hear on good authority that Somalia is the most popular retirement destination for members of the NRA. As for your obvious paranoia about the GOVERNMENT taking away your rights you should really get counciling you seem to see conspiracies everywhere.
    Now about the heat given off by incandescents being useful in the winter you seem to have forgotten that in the Summer that extra heat would not be welcome. Perhaps your paranoia made you forget that after Winter comes Summer and in the Summer the weather gets HOT. I am always struck by the fact that people such as yourself see only half of the story and forget totally about the other half.
    There is NO god given right for AMERICANS to use whatever kind of light they want. Should you be allowed to use leaded paint and gasoline or drive on the left hand side of the road or any of the many other rules that SENSIBLE FREE people accept as essential to a safe and happy life.
    Of course not. Give me these restrictions anytime rather than having the FREEDOM for any idiot to do whatever he seems to think is his right. As I have said that is NOT freedom it is ANARCHY.
    Go read some history then you will understand.

  35. I see that Daisy is back again demonstrating her complete ignorance of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. She knows better than all the scientists who say that Global Warming or better known as Global Environmental change is REAL. Remember that Lush Limbo is an entertainer and laughs all the way to the bank, have you seen the interview where he laughs at the idiots who believe what he says. So if that is where you get your information then I am sorry to say you are WRONG.
    Now who is raising the Health Care costs? Daisy if you have Health Care Insurance you may have noticed how your costs have gone up and the services provided have declined. It may come as a shock to you but it is the Capitalist Health Care Insurers who are doing this not Obama. Please explain how other developed countries can provide very good Health Care to ALL their citizens at half the cost of the Insurers in this country. Don’t tell me about the Canadians who come to the US for treatment it isn’t true. However what is true is that literally millions of Americans receive treatment in other countries because it is better and far cheaper.
    Of course I am sure that you have personal experience of the Health Care services available in other countries or are you just repeating the lies and garbage coming from the likes of Sarah Palin. Oh I hear that Sarah went to Russia for her Health Care because she could see Russia from her front door.
    When you know nothing about everything you should just shut up and stop making a fool of yourself.
    This is NOT a socialist administration, and Michele Obama is a very smart dedicated and hardworking lady, unlike you.
    As for the Billions of dollars you say she has earmarked for the war against bad food it pales into insignificance compared to the Billions of Dollars that George Bush earmarked for his phony wars. Where were you when that happened, George was such a coward that he hid all those expenditures and never even declared them to the people of this country. He did not have the money either he simply put it on the National Credit Card. Why don’t you scream about that.
    And what about all the GOP politicians who voted against the stimulus bill but are now having news conferences saying how they have now created thousands of jobs with that money. That is known as hypocrisy also known as LYING.

  36. Oh and Eddie just so you know brother, WE ARE NOT IN THE LAND OF THE FREE! we are in a socialist dictatorial state and we wont be free till we cause a revolution my brother. grab your guns cuz they will be going door to door.

  37. Eddie, what about the mercury level in these bulbs? You do know that these reports are coming out now saying that these bulbs can be dangerous. Not only that but you really think that taking away the option to use what ever lighting source suits you and is not detrimental to anyone else, is anything other than a infringement on our liberties? I mean the truth is they are trying to BAN the light bulbs we have used for years with no ill effects. why is that? i myself am going to the dollar store and buying a couple hundred a month and making sure that i use what ever light source i i want to.

  38. “… Thats like saying, they’re going to ban soda because of the high sugar content which may cause americans to gain weight and have health issues there after.”

    Eddie, that’s precisely what Michelle Obama is up to w/her ‘concern’ over American’s – especially children’s (let’s hear it for the poor children) obesity. “Healthcare”, which failed when the Socialists attempted to raise our health insurance rates (for our own good) and dictate our medical care in an attempt for the biggest Federal power $$$ grab ever, will be the new ‘global warming’ but even better this time under the guise of Healthcare for Obesity. Since obesity has the virtue of being an actual problem, unlike global warming, they will probably gain traction w/this one (look at Bloomberg in NYC slapping very hefty fines on restaurants for using transfats and salt). She’s already earmarked billions and billions of dollars (which we don’t have) of taxpayers money for her new pet project for growing an Obese Government. She’s also lying through her teeth when claiming that ‘1 in 3 American children are overweight or obese’. It’s patently obvious that figure is inflated and yet, the media hacks sit and nod thier heads in compliance with this lie – just as they’ve done w/’global cooling’ and now ‘global warming’. The extreme left will do anything and everything to steal taxpayer’s money and use it for their short term greed – they will destroy our future (speaking of ‘the children’!) – destroy freedom – destroy America and all in the name of ‘for our own good’.

  39. Well KEITH, if you can, let me know you got ur 411 from because i heard on CNN a few weeks ago that G.E is still looking for new ideas to build engery efficient incandecents. I find it very disturbing that you would agree with the government who FORCES us to use what HE THINKS is right, rather than suggesting. I make MY money to pay MY light bill. If I have to pay a bit more put of my pocket to have warm pleasent light from an incandecent, thats my choice, not the governments. Unless these assholes pay my light bill, they dont have a say in what bulb i use. Thats like saying, they’re going to ban soda because of the high sugar content which may cause americans to gain weight and have health issues there after. If i wana drink soda all day every day, nobody is going to tell me otherwise. I bought it with my money. so screw them! This is the land of the free. This is not Cuba. When you really think about it, the ban is not resolving anything. Its just causing people to go into a panic mode and to stock up on incandecents. Many, Many people have already stocked up on hundreds of boxes of incandecents, including me. I have enough to last me a life time and i’l probably have more to put in my will after im gone. So, many ppl will still use incandecents, even if they do stop selling them in stores after 2014. The only thing that the govenment is resolving, is installing these new energy savings bulbs into city offices and government buildings. Believe me, many, many people will still use incandecents even if they do get banned. Heres another issue which you and many people seem to ignore. we know that CFLs do poorly in cold. If they do ban incandecents, how are we suppose to light our refridgerators?? Are we going to start using flashlights to see what we’re going to eat for dinner. I dont think leds would work well for our refridgerators either but im gona research that. And how about our ovens?? I dont know anyone with an oven with a flourecent lamp in it. I live in the North East where it gets pretty dam cold in the winter. I especially like incandecents because it gives off warm heat. During the winter months, any sort of heat in my house is welcomed, whether its from a portable heater or a light bulb. These are things that are moron governments dont think about it. Instead they get off by having some sort of power trip. CFLs and LEDs do not work with everything, so banning the bulb completly is not going to solve anything. What they should do is have incandecents, cfls, and leds available so that us american consumers can choose whats best for them. Again i say, If they pay my light bill, then they can have a say in this but until then, THE HELL WITH THEM! im not buying those shit cfls and leds.

    1. You are the ass!!
      It’s not about who can afford to pay the electrical bill, it’s about saving the planet due to the energy wasted to run those old bulbs. If you are so ignorant to not care about the planet for yourself then do it for you kids or theirs.

      1. WILL, you’re the moron if u think that a compact flourecent bulb will clean the planet. Instead of being brain washed on what the disney channel has to say about cfls, maybe you outa do some research of your own. I am not going use ugly lightning in my house just because of a myth that cfls will clean and save the environment. Only a religious nut case like YOU believes such things.

  40. Eddie, just a follow up, I started to look for information on these new high effeciency incandescent bulbs. Almost immediately I came across this statement from GE
    “GE Consumers & Industrial and GE Global Research have suspended the development of the high-efficiency incandescent lamp (HEI) to place greater focus and investment on what we believe will be the ultimate in energy efficient lighting — light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Research and development of these technologies is moving at an impressive pace and will be ready for general lighting in the near future. LEDs and OLEDs used in general lighting are now poised to surpass the projected efficiency levels of HEI, along with other energy-efficient technologies like fluorescent, and have the additional benefits of long life and durability.”

    GE makes a lot of bulbs and it looks like they don’t have much faith in the future of incandescents.

    1. Keith, before i post my opinion on this matter, I must say that reading your posts is just about as entertaining as watching the comedy channel or B.E.T. Comedy Central. I see in the above post u have read that G.E. was suspending making energy efficient incandescents. Correct me if im wrong, but i assume that you got that information on google? i also read up on that information on google and that info needs to be updated. Halogen bulbs, which are incandescent bulbs with energy efficiency are being made and are starting to appear on markets. How do i know this? A) I have bought halogen bulbs in my house and not only do they give off the same exact warm light color that incandescents do but my light bill is lower. B) My girlfriends father works for Sylvania and he knows a lot of the big bosses in that company. They informed him that even though incandescents are being phased out, they are going to be exceptions. incandescents that are below 40 watts, above 100 watts, and the flood versions are not included in the ban. And as i told you before, Halogens are coming into the market and have proven to meet the standards on light bulb efficiency. The phase out that we’re all reading about just simply means that we wont see the huge variety of light bulbs we’re used to seeing. 40 watt, 60 watt, 100 watt etc etc. so once again, incandescents are not going to be 100% phased out. They will still be available after 2014 but with more energy efficiency. They just wont be the mainstream lighting source any more.

      Now you have stated in many postings that “THERE IS NO RIGHT TO USE INCANDESCENTS”. On that statement you are RIGHT. However, no where in the U.S. constitution does it say that government has authority to choose for us what light bulbs to use. See, I have no problem with congress suggesting or encouraging us to switch to energy efficient light bulbs. But to force it down our throats is a whole other issue.
      Yes, the current incandescents give off more heat than light which is wasting a lot of energy. But did u know that its not just that particular light bulb thats wasting energy. its many people who dont shut off their lights when leaving their rooms. Thats wasting energy. Just like if you leave a compact flourecent on for a long time. you may not waste quite as much energy BUT you are still wasting energy. People also waste energy by using other electrical things in their homes. So you cant just blame it on just the incandescent bulbs. these energy flourecent bulbs have many problems. They take a long time to get brighter, they dont work in all places and fixtures of your house and the lighting is quite gloomy and ugly. Sure, they’ve been trying to make these flourecent bulbs with the same warm color as the standard incandescents. No matter how hard they try, you will NEVER get the nice light quality from flourecents that incandescents have. A flourcent bulb is a flourecent and the incandescent is an incandescent. period! On top of that, their swirly appearence is also quite ugly. if these cfls or even leds are that good, let people decide that for themselves. The idiots of congress wana ban the edison bulb because they know that MOST people will always prefer the edison bulb over the flourecent bulbs any day. And who can blame them? incandescents give off nicer light. Now do i have anything against flourecent bulbs? Of course not! I find that the tubes and the circle shaped flourecent bulbs are very nice light quality. even though cfls are flourecents just like the tubes and circle shaped lights, the color from cfls are still different and again, they’re ugly in light quality and appearence. cfls have been around for at least 20 years now and they are STILL shitty and i havent seen any improvments on any of them. ive used these cfls b4 and none of them are as good as ur standard bulb and plus they dont last as long as many people claim they do. in fact i think its safe to say that many of them last just about as long as ur incandescents. Too much false advertisment just to get people to switch is not a good thing. Plus they are expensive.
      As far as comparing incandescent bulbs to lead paint, driving on the wrong side of the road and using guns are very poor comparisons. You need to give better examples than that. Yes, the U.S. is the land of the free with responsibilities and I am all for that. No one has the right to drive on the wrong side of the road cuz you’re dangering the lives of others. You shouldnt use lead paint cuz its harmful to you and u shouldnt own guns because they’re deadly. But what danger does the incandescent light bulb have??? Just that your light bill will be higher?? Give me a break! I see nothing wrong with living in a nice clean planet that nature provided for us, but this nonsense as gone a bit too far. Keith, i dont know about you but i believe that a persons home should be a place where you’re proud to keep clean and to look nice. Bad enough that my office building has flourecents. Why would i wana light my home where it looks like my work office? I am not going to make my home look ugly because of a stupid belief that congress has about saving the planet. Climate change has been around since the beginning of time. The earth always goes thru changes with the climate. you’l have periods of time where the planet warms up then it will cool down again. Human beings are not responsible with the climate changing.
      Now if you prefer to make your home unpleasent and gloomy looking because of a belief that you have, then thats your business. But to attack at someone elses comments because you disagree with their views shows how childish you are. You complain about others attacking you. Why shouldnt they? All u do is post AT people instead of TO people. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you choose to have your government down your jock strap 24/7, then again, thats ur choice. Seems to me like anything government wants u to do, you will do it. Even if it means using a ton of “lead paint” in ur house. But thats not how most people wana live their lives.

  41. Eddie, thanks for your comments, I have not heard of these new efficient incandescents so I will have to some reading. But I must say that I am skeptical, as I am sure you know incandescents work by raising the temperature of the filament to a level at which it becomes incandescent. This takes a great deal of energy the vast majority of which is a complete waste and produces a lot of heat but NO light. Less than 5% of the energy is converted to light. Over the years there have been attempts to make them more efficient by trying to reflect this heat back to the filament instead of letting it just heat the glass envelope. They have all been failures and have not increased the efficiency by more than a trifle.
    As to CFLs, remember when you had to use STARTERS to light up a fluorescent light? remember when fluorescents took several seconds to light and flickered during the process? Those problems have been eliminated by modern solid state electronics and yes those bargain basement CFLs made in China don’t last as long as claimed. However if you buy GOOD ones they DO.
    You can also get cold weather CFLs and even dimmable CFLs. CFLs have improved vastly and will improve even more because there is now a huge market for them that did not exist before.
    Now as to LEDs, there is absolutely NO way that an incandescent will get within orders of magnitude of the efficiency of LEDs. And yes they are improving as we speak, just remember LEDs have only been around for about 20 years.
    Incandescents on the other hand have been around for about 100 years ever since Joseph Swann (NOT Thomas Edison) invented them. During that time very little was done to improve them they are still almost identical to Swanns original, yes they are more powerful and the filaments are vastly improved.
    Take my advice, don’t buy stock in incandescent bulb manufacturers the future is in solid state devices such as LEDs and Electroluminescence.

  42. CFLs and LEDs are not gona be JUST our future lightning. Incandecent light bulbs that save energy are being made as we speak. In fact they say that either this year or in 2011 they will be on our store shelves. For all u CFL lovers, enjoy them while u still can. Once our energy efficient incandecents are made, i’m pretty sure CFLs and maybe even LEDs will be kicked to the curb. Then hopefully federal buildings will go back to using incandecents which not only will save energy but produces that warm incandecent color that we’re used to seeing. KEITH, all i gota tell u is that i have read MANY of your posts and one thing i wana touch upon is that i remember you saying that CFL light bulbs will improve?? i’ve been hearing that for many, many years and they STILL give off shitty light. i have alottttttt of friends and i can tell u that only 2 of them use cfls which blew out on them in less than a year. Keith, i’m sure you’re aware that CFLs dont work well with cold. So explain to us how we’re suppose use our refridgerators with cfl lights????? Looks like i’l need my flashlight to pick out what i’m gona eat as a midnight snack. Either way, I’m glad that incandecents are not going away. just have to be more energy effiecent and they give off the same light type we’re used to seeing in our edison bulbs. LONG LIVE THE EDISON BULB!!!!!!

  43. CFLs and LEDs are not gona be JUST our future lightning. Incandecent light bulbs that save energy are being made as we speak. In fact they say that either this year or in 2011 they will be on our store shelves. For all u CFL lovers, enjoy them while u still can. Once our energy efficient incandecents are made, i’m pretty sure CFLs and maybe even LEDs will be kicked to the curb. Then hopefully federal buildings will go back to using incandecents which not only will save energy but produces that warm incandecent color that we’re used to seeing. KEITH, all i gota tell u is that i have read MANY of your posts and one thing i wana touch upon is that i remember you saying that CFL light bulbs will improve?? i’ve been hearing that for many, many years and they STILL give off shitty light. i have alottttttt of friends and i can tell u that only 2 of them use cfls which blew out on them in less than a year. Keith, i’m sure you’re aware that CFLs dont work well with cold. So explain to us how we’re suppose use our refridgerators with cfl lights????? Looks like i’l need my flashlight to pick out what i’m gona eat as a midnight snack. Either way, I’m glad that incandecents are not going away. just have to be more energy effiecent and they give off the same light type we’re used to seeing in our edison bulbs. LONG LIVE THE EDISON BULB!!!!!!

    1. Incandescent bulbs are inherently less efficient than either fluorescent or LED bulbs. All incandescent bulbs produce light by heating a filament to a high temperature. That high temperature causes the filament to release photons at various energy states, at a distribution dictated by the temperature of the filament, but in any case, the distribution is governed by the Stefan-Boltzmann law. What this means is that some of the energy will go to produce visible light, but much of it is simply wasted as heat. By increasing the temperature, it is possible to make the bulb brighter and somewhat more efficient (for example, halogen bulbs), but they will always release most of their energy as waste heat. Furthermore, heating a bulb to a higher temperature, other things being equal, will cause it to radiate waste heat to its environment at a faster rate. It’s simple physics. Also, remember the old halogen torchiere lamps that were taken off the market because of the fire hazard they posed, due specifically to the high temperature operation of the halogen bulb.

      By comparison, CFLs work by exciting mercury vapor inside the bulb to generate UV radiation, which in turn excites a phosphor coating to glow at visible wavelengths. LEDs excite a semiconductor junction to release photons, and again, this can be controlled to produce light of a particular wavelength. However, LEDs also dissipate heat and are generally not quite as efficient as CFLs, although improved versions are in development. LEDs are currently much more expensive than either incandescents or CFLs, but one advantage of LEDs is a very long lifetime–on the order of 25,000-100,000 hours, compared to 1000-2000 hours for an incandescent. I built a digital clock using LEDs in 1978, and the LEDs are still working. Another advantage of LEDs is that they don’t contain mercury the way CFLs do.

  44. A few months later, but still…to keep on topic of the light bulbs.

    1.) They now make CFL’s that usually have something like ‘daylight’ or ‘true day light’ in the title. These give a nice, bright white light, unlike the older ones that are yellow and dim.

    ————and as far as cost, I got mine at a big chain drugstore on clearance for less than $1 a bulb. They seem to have them on clearance or on sale A LOT.

    2.) They now make dimmable CFL’s in a wide array of ‘colors’ or ‘warmths’ (yellow vs white)
    ————–also got these on sale at same drugstore

    3.) They make CFL’s in more than 1 base size. They have most all shapes too, even globes for bathroom vanity fixtures. They even make a bulb that comes with an adapter, so that you can use it in chandeliers with a small base, or use the adapter and use it in a standard base.

    4.) They make CFL’s that are rated for lower temperatures, some even as low as -25 degrees F. They might take longer to work, be dimmer and not last as long, but they’ll still last longer than an incandescent.

    5.) Yes they contain mercury. Older mercury thermometers contain 100 to 600 times as much mercury as 1 CFL bulb. They contain about the same amount of mercury as a button cell battery. If it were all collected into 1 place, it would make a drop with a diameter of about 1mm. That being said, they still need to be disposed of properly, and the cleanup of a broken bulb takes a little more effort than cleaning up a broken incandescent. Maybe for now they should come with a foldout instructions for proper cleanup and disposal, easier to read than what’s printed on the package right now.

    And personally, even if a CFL doesn’t last years and years, I’d still much rather have to get out the ladder or step stool only once every year or two, than several times a year to change out the incandescent bulbs.

    Here’s a few websites with more info. I personally think that the future of lighting right now might lie in LED’s, they just need to improve the technology enough to make it cost effective while still giving us the kind of light we’re looking for.



    1. 1) I have used plenty of cfls b4 and almost all of them DO NOT last, NOT EVEN A YEAR. So i dont use them anymore. I have incandescents that i use EVERY DAY and they lasted for many years with out burning out.

      2) Yes, they do make dimmable cfls but they’re not 100% dimmable. they only dim to about 25% so their dimmable performance sucks. Incandescents, however are 100% dimmable which is one of the many reasons why incandescents will ALWAYS have nicer light quality than cfls. (thats just my opinion but im sure most ppl would agree)

      3) cfls USED TO be dim and yellow??? Most of them have not improved at all. They’re still dim, yellow and very gloomy. If cfls really improved, most ppl would prefer cfls over standard bulbs. But thats not the case.

      4) If cfls were as good and you say it is, government would not have to force them on us. The fact that they’re banning edison bulbs shows that congress feels threatened that most ppl hate cfls. And that is not just me saying it. Stastics show that incandescents have much better light quality than cfls AND leds.

      5) you’re not saving as much enery from cfls as people claim you are. MANY cfls take a long time to warm up and we use other things in our homes that also use plenty of electricity. So in the long run, you’re not saving much. Don’t always believe in what you read in the funnies or in magazine ads. They’re trying to brain wash you into a silly fiction that they’re good for our planet when in fact, thats the opposite.

      6) i see nothing wrong with having to change a light bulb twice a year. 1st off, it only takes 15-30 seconds to change a bulb, so u’l survive. also, the light quality from incandescents are much more superior than cfls and leds. i rather change a light bulb 2 or 3 times a year and have nice light quality than to not change a bulb for years to come and have pissed colored gloomy lighting. Now if u would rather have ur house look like the inside of a hospital, that is your choice. i dont know about u but i take pride in my house and like to keep it lookng like a PLEASANT HOME, not a hospital or an office. U may think ur saving money, but what ever money ur saving is VERY LITTLE

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