The World’s First Biodegradable Umbrella


The Brelli is said to be world’s first biodegradable umbrella. Inspired by asian parasols, the Brelli’s handle and frame are crafted from bamboo (sustainably-harvested), and the canopy is made out of an innovative bioplastic. The canopy can be composted in conventional landfills  —  it has passed stringent tests certifying that it will fully biodegrade in one to two years.

The Brelli is available in two sizes: a 37″ diameter version ($28) and a 52″ diameter version ($38). It’s currently available at Fred Siegel, Zero Minus Plus and Jussara Lee in New York.


Web site: Brelli

Via: Alternative Consumer

6 thoughts on “The World’s First Biodegradable Umbrella”

  1. I agree biodegradable bio plastics are a good thing and can only help our future. I also think this is probably not the first biodegradable product that looks like an umbrella. I’m not sure if ancient civilization discovered this bio product 1700 years ago tho. Paper sure.

  2. i’ll buy one if some macro corp. wants to invest the dollars to build these things cheap enough a student could afford them. etc. like most ‘green things’ … overpriced or hard to get.

  3. I agree with the previous comment. Everybody is trying to reinvent the wheel with biodegradable this and that. It’s all in the direction we should be going, but take it easy on the marketing! We get it. You don’t have to make shiz up just to get attention. Also, the white twine holding the whole thing together looks like it might biodegrade in thin air before I’m ready to dump it. Otherwise, I’m stoked people are making these things. Sell it to Target!

    1. Watch this wind test and I think you will think differently.

      What “shiz” are they making up?

      Think about all the umbrellas that break and get thrown out every time there is a rain storm. I live in NYC, and after a rain you will see trash cans full of broken umbrellas. That’s because they are the cheap made in China ones that break after one use. With ones that are much stronger and biodegradable you are saving tons or garbage from piling up in landfills and causing pollution. Yes, we all have to think how to make everything biodegradable and sustainable, before the entire planet turns into a landfill.

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