Best Solar LED Lawn And Garden Lights

Best Solar LED Lawn And Garden Lights
Best Solar LED Lawn And Garden Lights

Since LEDs are an efficient light source and draw far less power than traditional bulbs, they are perfect for off-the-grid applications where solar cells charge a battery that powers the lamp. Large-scale applications of this concept include LED road lane markers, but smaller-scale projects like lighting your lawn or garden are perfect uses for them as well.

Keep in mind that most solar LED lights simply won’t be as blazingly bright as a wired halogen lamp, but they can be an efficient and convenient way to illuminate your outdoor spaces – especially in areas where you want to avoid the hassle or expense of wiring.

Frontgate Motion-Activated Solar LED Light

Frontgate Motion-Activated Solar LED Light
Motion-Activated Solar LED Light

The Maxsa Motion-Activated Solar LED Light is one of the brightest ones available. 100 LEDs are mounted in a reflective panel to maximize brightness, and the light swivels for precise positioning. The 180-degree sensor triggers the light from motion up to 35 feet away, and a full battery charge will power up to 250 30-second activations. A 15’ cable allows the solar panel to be placed away from the lamp for optimal charging.

The Motion-Activated Solar LED Light is available for $129.

Do It Best LED Solar Accent Lights

Do It Best LED Solar Accent Lights
Solar Lawn Lights

For illuminating walkways or decks, or for upward accent lighting on trees or signage, small spotlights are perfect. These solar lights turn on automatically at dusk, and the batteries provide up to 10 hours of illumination when fully charged. The lamps are adjustable to direct light where it’s needed, and the small solar panel on tip pivots to maximize sun exposure.

The LED Solar Lights are available for $12.99 each at Amazon.

Apex Xepa Solar-Powered LED Light with Motion Detection

Apex Xepa Solar-Powered LED Light with Motion Detection
Apex Xepa Solar-Powered LED Light with Motion Detection

A motion detector light is a great way to light dark corners of your property, but often those out-of-the-way spots don’t have a plug. The Apex Xepa Solar-Powered LED Light uses 45 white LEDs to provide illumination. The polycarbonate housing is weather-resistant, and the light detaches from the mounting plate for handheld use. The solar panel can be mounted up to 15’ away from the light in order to charge the lithium ion battery.

You can find the Apex Xepa Solar-Powered LED Light with Motion Detection at Amazon for $79.99.

Designers Edge Rechargeable Solar LED Shed Light

Designers Edge Rechargeable Solar LED Shed Light
Designers Edge Rechargeable Solar LED Shed Light

Sometimes homeowners simply need a low-level light to find their way around paces like work sheds or porches. The Designers Edge Solar LED Shed Light uses 3 rechargeable AAA batteries powered by its remote solar panel to power 10 LEDs, and it’s approved for use in damp locations. Reviewers indicate that there are some variations in brightness between different lights, but agree that the amount of light is adequate for smaller indoor spaces. A pull chain switches the light on and off, and users can select “high” (2-hour) or “low” (4-hour) settings.

The Designers Edge Solar LED Shed Light is available at Amazon for $25.23.

7 thoughts on “Best Solar LED Lawn And Garden Lights”

  1. Thanks for putting up this list together! I love using LED lights as well to illuminate my outdoor space, really saves me from all that wiring work and money. LED lights are low maintenance as well, just need to replace rechargeable batteries once in a while and clean it’s solar cells. I hope to continue reading more reviews.

  2. If you have purchased one of these solar LED lights (like in the top picture)

    Have a look at the batteries inside.

    In my case all of mine have low class rechargeable batteries.

    One had 2x nobrand AA 600mAh batteries = 1200mAh, I replaced them with 2x eneloop 1900mAh batteries = 3800mAh.

    Needless to say they shine all trough the night now (which in Norway can last for a long time).

  3. I think the combination of LEDs, solar, and motion detector is almost unbeatable for conserving energy. And you can measure the lifespan of this kind of unit in the decades, since the life of high-quality LED lights is already rated to more than 50,000 hours, and using them for short periods preserves that life. Good stuff!

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    And Thanks to this site for the tips and the help and the info…!!!

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  6. I had Evergreen Turf install some bermudagrass in my front and backyards recently and need lighting. I wanted to get some solar LED lights so I’m glad to know there are some good ones out there. My sister has some solar ones that are very dull and I definitely don’t want to buy some and have them end up being dull. I live in Arizona so should have no problem generating power for them.

  7. We are newly involved with solar lights and really appreciate how informative your article is. You have a very good description of many of the different types of solar lights and the cost advantage of going solar. Hopefully articles such as yours will entice many people to explore the solar possibilities.

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