Best Child Bike Seats

Every parent loves to bring their kids along with them for bike rides, and child bike seats allow them to do this easily. Today, child bike seats are fitted with suspension systems to keep your child from rattling. Also, the locking mechanisms are more capable of attaching these child bike seats to any style of bicycle. They are also more comfortable than ever, so it’s even easier to get your child out on the bike paths this summer with you. Getting your child on the road to fitness and efficient living early is a great way to keep them on that path for a lifetime.

The Snug CoPilot Limo Bicycle Child Seat

CoPilot Limo Bicycle Child Seat
Best Child Bike Seats: CoPilot Limo Bicycle Child Seat

The CoPilot Limo Bicycle Child Seat holds forty pounds, and it is simple to connect to many styles of bikes. Using a three-point harness, foot straps, and a padded overhead restraint bar, your baby will be safe and sound as you cruise. The high-back seat style is designed for coziness; it’s gel-filled and has a four-point adjustable seatback. The seat is also washable, in case any formula or creamed carrots happens to spill. The Blackburn CSR-1 bike rack is included, which is intended to clamp onto most bikes, and it features a quick-release mounting system.

The CoPilot earned a four and a half star Amazon rating, showing that owners really found a lot to love with this seat. Many users talked from first hand experience of its safety features, noting that even in a crash their child was completely unharmed. While a couple users noted that the seat won’t fit every style of bike, which isn’t necessarily too surprising because there are a lot of vintage bikes out on the road.

The CoPilot Limo Bicycle Child Seat is available at Amazon for $129.

The Disc-Mounted Topeak BabySeat Child Bike Seat

Topeak BabySeat Child Bike Seat with Aluminum Rack
Best Child Bike Seat: Topeak BabySeat with Aluminum Rack

The disc-mounted version of the Topeak BabySeat Child Bike Seat with Aluminum Rack holds up to forty pounds and has a Disc Mount for easy mounting on bikes with popular disc mounted brake systems. Its suspension base is fitted with two stainless steel springs as well as spring barrels, which actually takes vibrations into the seat base instead of shaking the child. The quick latching system makes it easy to unhitch the seat from one bike and place it on another without taking the child out of the seat.

One user noted that the foot stirrups are a bit weak, but most other owners lauded the seat for its safety features. They mention that the suspension system is solid and sturdy, and note that their kids barely notice when passing over bumps. A couple users note that the initial setup takes a bit of time the first time, but it becomes pretty simple with practice.

The Topeak BabySeat Child Bike Seat with Aluminum Rack is available at Amazon for $118.

The Center-Mounted WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat
Best Child Bike Seats: WeeRide Kangaroo

The WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat can be mounted to almost any bike, using an independent steel support bar which fits between the front handle bar tube and the seat post. The seat is designed to allow your child a better view of the ride, taking away the usual view of the biker’s back. It’s equipped with height adjustable foot cups, a specially padded seat, and an adjustable three-point security harness. There is even an armrest sitting atop the handlebars.

Users appreciate the sturdiness of this baby bike seat, noting that it’s easy to setup and creates a more balanced center of gravity. However, many users note that if you’re a smaller rider, it’s not made for you because the center of gravity needs more weight. Many users call it a must have, and it has earned a four star rating on Amazon.

The WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is available at Amazon for $59.

The Protective Bell Cocoon Rack Mounted Bicycle Child Carrier

Bell Cocoon Rack Mounted Bicycle Child Carrier
Best Child Bike Seat: Bell Cocoon Rack Mounted Bicycle Child Carrier

The Bell Cocoon Rack Mounted Bicycle Child Carrier carries kids pounds or less, and features a five-point harness, a molded spoke guard, and will attach to many 26- and 27-inch bicycles. It’s equipped with a high back seat and thick seat pad for the ultimate comfort. The seat can be removed quite simply to switch to another bike, and there is also a rear reflector included for night rides.

Most users really like this child bike seat, noting its comfort for a child as well as the safety features. Some owners did mention that the seat throws off the balance of the bike, but this should come as no surprise considering that all rear-mounted bike seats will alter the center of gravity on the bike. Another user said that the seat didn’t quite fit his bike and that the screws kept coming loose, though this could be due to the style of the bike. As always, check the size and dimensions of your bike before purchasing a baby bike seat.

The Bell Cocoon Rack Mounted Bicycle Child Carrier is available at Amazon for $58.

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  1. Thank you for the article. I think that I will buy now WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat, it seems to me that it is ideal for my child and the new bicycle bikesist, the most important thing is for the child to be comfortable and safe.

  2. These bicycle-mounted seats are never safe. Everyone on a bike eventually falls over. Unless you are extremely cautious, there is no way to anticipate conditions on your path: other cyclists, loose dogs, other traffic, flat tire. If a toddler is strapped in, the toddler will hit the ground sideways.

    It is better to get a trailer that is pulled behind the bicycle. These stay upright even if the bike falls. And if the trailer happened to fall over, the toddler is falling frmo a much lower height.

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  4. Personally, I’m a fan of the Ibert Safe-T seat. It mounts onto the handle bars, so the little one has full view; the leg holders are forward, so they don’t get in the way when you pedal; it’s super light-weight; and can be easily moved to another bike. 4 1/2 stars on (400 reviews), $84.99.

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