The Best LED Desk Lamps

Best LED Desk Lamps
The Best LED Desk Lamps

Update: We’ve posted a new review of the best LED Desk Lamps for 2009.

LEDs really shine as reading lights and desk lamps. LEDs have a directed beam, so they do not disturb others when used as reading lights (in bed for example). LEDs also do not get hot to the touch, so there’s no risk of burns, or excess heat in the summer. Because LED light is so focused, even a 100 lumen LED desk lamp will seem quite bright when it’s used as a task light.

Here’s a survey of the best LED desk lamps available:

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp by Koncept

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp by Koncept

The minimalist Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp by Koncept has 66 LEDs that shine using only 8.8 watts of power. The newly released “high power” version of this lamp generates 240 lumens of light.

This is currently my favorite lamp. The design was good enough to help it win an I.D. Magazine “best of category” award. It comes in three colors, and is available from Amazon for about $160.

There’s also a 40 LED version of the Z-Bar lamp– the Mini-Z LED Desk Lamp, but apparently it is not bright enough to make most buyers happy.

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp by Koncept

Night Reader LED Lamp


The Night Reader lamp comes in two versions: a “warm white” version and a “daylight” version. It uses only 4 watts and outputs 100 lumens of light. It’s available from The LED Light for about $60.

Libra Desk Lamp


Another new release from Alliance Optotek is this classy Libra desk light, which illuminates with 280 lumens using only 12 watts. It’s available from The LED Light for $195.

Moppel Lights

Moppel Led Desk Lamps

Moppel lights are fun LED lamps, which can be bent into various poses, and stuck to surfaces using suction cups. They are available from Amazon for around $25.

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  1. There is a new generation LED coming soon to the US market called Daylight LED. They have a CRI ” Color Rendering Index” rating of 90 plus. There is a company called softech that will be selling them on Amazon soon. They are extremely bright, has touch controls, and is adjustable. The prototype I saw even had a USB port in it. I saw it at the CES show in Vegas last month.

  2. I have an LED desk lamp. It was really expensive (like $300) and the illumination it gives is minimal – less than a 15W CFL. I got it for the reduced heat as I use it to illuminate a heat sensitive area. With all the hype, for what is years now, where are the LED replacement bulbs for regular incandescent and CFLs, that give the same amount of light? I’m waiting. What is really annoying – the lamp that I have could be quite bright enough by just using more LEDs – It’s not very big. I want illumination, not “just enough to read by”.

  3. Im intrested in finding out the level of brightness for working conditions on a desk lamp?
    Im doing a GCSE project and im making a desk lamp! So it would be very benificial if i could have some information on them 🙂

    1. Check out CIBSE guide for Lighting. It gives lux levels to achieve as a guideline. In general, office desk lighting requires 500 lux on the task surface, and 300 lux if the desk is in a school, and not being used for adults, so in general 500 lux. You can use a free program called Relux to model your desk and office and model the lighting to get lux results. Hope it helped.


  4. Where are all the office furniture manufacturers? I would think that incorporation of LEDs in system furntiure is a no-brainer! Does anyone have information on retrofitting LEDs in current systems furntiure?

  5. BML’s analysis is very skewed as his LED bulbs will only put out ~10% of a CFL’s light, but LEDs will soon be a good alternative to CFL. I tried to post that on his sight, but his posting does not work.
    Incan bulbs should be carbon taxed out of normal use. They should be special use only.

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