The Best LED Desk Lamps

by Justin Thomas •

Best Overall: TaoTronics Elune Desk Lamp

The TaoTronics Elune is priced at $50 and it is probably the best value LED desk lamp available. This lamp has 30 LEDs that shine with 450 lumens at full power. The lamp has a slide touch switch on the top that allows you to adjust the brightness to any one of 7 brightness levels. It has a memory function that records the light level you last used.

When the light is dimmed the light does not flicker and it has a good frequency of light that is a white light that is ideal for reading. It ranges from 5500 to 6000 K. This makes a nice desk lamp or reading lamp.

Link: TaoTronics Elune

Update June 2015: You may also want to consider the Lumiy Lightblade 1500S

The Softech DL-90 Multi-Function LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp By Softech

This lamp was just released this year by Softech, and it has a lot going for it. The lamp incorporates 27 high-power daylight LEDs. The Color Rendering Index of the LEDs is rated at 90+ (excellent).

The lamp has four distinct lighting modes and 40 brightness levels in total. The first two modes are for desk work: a reading mode with mid-range colors (4300K-5300K) that are easy on the eyes, and a study mode which has a high range color temperature (6000K-7000K). The lamp can also be switched to a relaxation mode and a sleep mode — these have softer, warm color temperatures.

This lamp uses 10 watts or less of power to provide light equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent bulb. It is said to last about 40,000 hours or 20 years of normal use.

A handy feature of this lamp is the “auto off timer”. The timer will turn the lamp off after one hour, saving your power if you forget to turn it off. It has a USB charging port.

The Softech DL-90 lamp is available from Amazon for about $90.

Award Winning – The Z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp

Z-Bar High Powered LED Desk Lamp

The minimalist Z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp is an attractive lamp that features the latest LEDs.

It has six daylight white LEDs that use only about 9 watts of electricity at full brightness (the LEDs generate about 240 lumens of light).

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp In Rotation

The Z-Bar has a built-in 4-step dimming function that will take the light down to save even more on electricity or it can be used to create softer lighting for the task at hand. The adjustable joints can be placed in almost any position without tightening or loosening knobs or screws, simply move the light to where you need it and the lamp will hold to form.

The Z-Bar received an I.D. Magazine “best of category” award a few years ago.

The Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp is available from Amazon for around $200.

A Magnifying Lamp: TheFulcrum Magnifier 12 LED Floor Lamp

The Fulcrum Magnifier is an illuminated magnifying lamp has a 5-inch diameter lens has 2x magnification power with a 6x inset for fine details. This lamp gets an average rating of 4.2 of 5 from 44+ reviewers on Amazon.

It has 12 glare-free LEDs and a flexible gooseneck that allows you to position the lamp exactly where you need it. It comes with an AC adaptor, but may also be operated wire-free with three alkaline D batteries (see our article on The Best D-Size Rechargeable Batteries).

The Fulcrum Magnifier is available at Amazon for about $75.

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  1. Thanks for the list. It is very helpful. I did buy a few of these low end $20-$50 dollar lamps, before settling on Lumiy Lightblade 1500S.

    There are so many LED lamps out in the market it hard to know which one is the best. I have to say even though many look similar there is a huge difference in price and quality. I bought a few of these $40 and $50 dollar lamps, and the build quality was poor (gaps between the pieces, cheap plasticly feel, lamps circuits would just just die a few a few weeks) and it wasn’t bright at all. If you can afford a bit more, the lamp that gets pretty rave reviews is theLightblade 1500S. For good reason, Lumiy is a lighting company as opposed to many of these other gadget companies, which are selling LED lamps, USB ports, and other computer thingies. If you want a good suit, you go to a tailor not a cobbler.

    Lumiy has really really high build quality. They are built in Korea, not in China – high quality fit and finish. You have much better LEDs and electronics – you can instantly tell the Lumiy is much brighter in a side by side comparison, and having more robust electronics mean that you are going to get a better lifespan on the lamp (one good quality $100 dollar lamp for 20 years is better than 10 cheap $50 dollar lamps over the same period). Highly recommend people to look at Lightblade 1500S. It is a seriously well built and the light quality is huge. Blows everything out of the water.

  2. Great review. I love the recommendation on the Lumiy LED desk lamps. Those are very high performance, but super affordable. I got a couple of Lumiy LED desk lamps, the Lightline (the bright, small compact) and the Lightblade (ultra bright, full function), after reading this review. =) They’ve got a larger Draftsman LED Desk lamp if you have giant tables and like to draw

  3. Great tips on the Lumiy. I went with the Lumiy Lightine 1250. It is a very nice metal LED desk lamp that has premium features like touch sensor dimming and USB charging (perfect for Apple Watch). I think one of the biggest appeal is that they are offering a commercial grade desk lamp for under $50. There certainly are cheaper lamps on the market, but value for money Lumiy is a clear winner.

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  5. Very informative metaefficient article. I went for the Lumiy Lightline 1250 that everyone is raving about. I would agree with everyone that this is probably the best value for money LED desk lamp you can find. When I got the Lumiy lamp from Amazon, I was instantly able to notice that was much heavier, built more heavily, and material quality alot better than many of the other lamps I got. Its really a commerical grade desk lamp.

    I saw a quick review on the Lightline 1250 that is also useful


  6. I received my Lumiy Lightline 1250 a few weeks ago. I am sooo sooo impressed with it. Its got a heavy base, steel arm with a portion of the arm made of “bendy” steel for adjustments, and phenomenally bright LEDs. Very sturdy and durable. The features I really love are the touch sensors (no physical buttons to break) you just tap it to turn on and off, and adjust brightness. Also, it has a USB charging port built into the back of the lamp. If you are looking for a compact, bright light this the Lightline 1250 is a winner!

    I had purchased an LED desk lamp off amazon for about $35, but two lamps died on me after a few weeks and I was so bothered about having to ship it back for a replacement at my expense. They were was made of felt flimsy and plastic.

    The Lumiy is well worth the money.

  7. Wow, I received a Lumiy Lightblade 1500S as a holiday gift. Wow, its really really exceptional build quality. It has touch sensors built into the base so the controls are seamless. Huge difference in build quality between the commercial grade lighting of Lumiy built for offices and these other lower build quality, but cheaper lamps that are designed for consumers in retail markets. Lumiy is priced a bit more, but well worth it.

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    Beautiful modern design lamps manufacturer who are always providing the fashion led desk lamps with competitive price.Email is:carol@mfga.cn.Or call at +86-18098916815

  9. Thanks love these recommendations. The Lumiy Lightblade 1500S with the pivoting head and the Lightline 1250 are probably the two best LED desk lamp on the market. There are many LED lamps that have similar design, but Lumiy is the brand I see installed in commercial offices. These are professional quality LED lamps designed for high use, long duration as opposed to LED the very low cost LED lamps for the retail market.

    Definitely worth checking out Lumiy on Amazon. They have exceptionally high rating from customers.

    Lightblade 1500S by Lumiy


    Lightline 1250 by Lumiy


  10. If you need a new lamp these look great. However if you already have an old angle poise lamp it can be made LED for under $10 at today’s LED lamp prices, no vampire energy loss when it’s turned off either!

  11. This article is titled 2014 when the comments are from 2009. This is a completely outdated article. DON”T WASTE MY TIME WITH A SELF-SERVING RE-POST OF AN OUTDATED ARTICLE!

  12. Hi,there!We are Flamio Team,we are designers from all over the world and we come up with a new design lamp called Flamio Magic Lamp.We want to make it happen,so will soon run the project on Kickstarter.

    Want you guys to check it and kindly offer the review or any suggestion.Thanks.

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  13. Thanks! I got my Lumiy lamps based off of the reviews this Metaefficient article and on the Squidoo article for Five Best LED Desk Lamps 2013. Previously, I bought a few LED lamps on amazon and eBay, they looked very sleek and it was pretty expensive at $60 – $70 so I thought they’d be ok. However, the problem was that LEDs (the little bulbs) themselves were just really bad quality they would like go dead or they would give me an errie color that made my eyes kind of go numb after a while.

    I end up with the Lumiy LED lamp that was recommended by people on both the Metaefficient and Squidoo articles the Lightblade 1500 by Lumiy. The Lumiy lamp has really sharp color index, touch senors controls, and dual diodes. It is a huge improvement over some of these other LED lamps I tried before. I also bought their smaller Lightbeam 1350 for a little nook we have by the kitchen. It’s got the razor sharp color index, touch sensor controls, and dual LED diodes, but in a more compact frame. I’m really happy with these purchases. Lumiy have really good amazon reviews for both models.

    I think if people are looking for an LED desk lamp its good to read through this Metaefficient article, Squidoo article on LEDs, and also check out the amazon reviews to make a decision. We are investing so much in computers, tables, chairs and other home office equipment, and so it makes sense to invest in high quality lighting. I’ve only one set of eyes! So to see the computer and read paper documents with clear, sharp, vivid lighting makes a world of difference

  14. You people have NO business reviewing LED lights!! This is by far the worst selection of lamps ever! CRI, sure it is important, color temp, yeah that too, but have you EVER thought for a second about actual functionality?? Based on your recommendations, the answer is obviously NO! Have you tried to actually use any of those lights? They move like bricks and with all the led’s in a row, they cast so many shadows it makes your eyes go crossed! Next time, before putting out this type of crap, do yourself and the rest of us a great service and just shut the hell up instead!! I feel sorry for any idiot that actually purchases anything you “recommend” you assclown!

  15. I got the Lightblade 1500 by Lumiy a couple weeks ago after reading this post. It is a really nice light that lights up my work surface very very clearly. The color temperature and brightness controls are touch sensitive so that is a huge advantage over the other lamps. I was split between Lightblade 1500 by Lumiy and the Softech. In the end, I went for the Lumiy Lightblade because having the touch controls inside the base of the lamp makes the lamp so much more sleeker, its like 50% lower in cost (and from the specs, its the same lamp, just different position of the controls), and I had amazon prime so I got free 2 day shipping on the Lumiy LED desk Lamp from direct from amazon warehouse.

    1. Diasonic is a Korean brand, the LED materials are from Nichia(Japan), package is provided by Luxpia(Korea), assembled and tested in Korea.
      Taotronic’s products are made in Shenzhen, China.
      Another difference is that the Diasonic’s product got 30/60 mins timer and Taotronic’s product has 60 mins timer only.

      So you will know which one is the original one.

  16. I’m really in love with my Lightblade 1500 by Lumiy. It is an absolutely gorgeous LED desk lamp that our office got when we upgraded the entire building to get LEED certification. Our clients five us lots of complements about our cool new office and these lamps. I’m pretty impressed by the quality of light it gives off at over 90 CRI with warm and cool white LEDs and it is very bright. I was so impressed by the light quality I picked up a Lumiy off of Amazon for my son when he went off to college. I think the light quality is so much better than older desk lamps that it really helps when you are studying for a long time.

    I think a great feature about the lamp is that it has this integrated touch sensor in its base. There aren’t any physical buttons to push or anything. I can adjust the brightness, color temperature, and even set the timer on when I want it to turn off (so you can also use it as a nightlight). I’ve tried another lamp that has a controls on the stem of the lamp, but having the controls in the base makes it look so much sleeker.

    I’m pretty impressed by the lamp and the customer service is really great. I think if you are in the market Lumiy is definitely worth a look.

  17. Hi, My father has been using Softech Lamp (DL-90) over 1 year and I wanted to have one set for me for study purpose. As far as I know he uses it and no problem then I searched at Amazon and did find out more blight LED Desk Lamp.
    I checked the performance / spec. on the web site for the both and other one is more blight and more functionality, such USB Hub, iPad Charging capability, WebCam, Document Camera function with the LED Desk Lamp. the price is identical, so, Picked it and use it now …
    The blightness is around 2000 Lux @ MAX and CRI>80…
    it seems Great… for studying…
    How do you think ???

    Link: Softech Lamp (DL-90)

  18. Good reviews.
    The Softech DL-90 Multi-FunctionLED Desk Lamp seems like it would be a good buy. The design is attractive and it has great ratings from customers at Amazon. I can’t believe the lamp has four distinct lighting modes and 40 brightness levels. I’m not sure I need all that.

  19. I’m an early adopter of LEDs. I bought the Balmuda Highwire when it first came out in 2007. I paid around $650 for the Highwire. The design was sharp and I got alot of compliments when people swing by the office. The problem back then and still exists now is that so many of the LED lamps were just for show, and weren’t that bright. However, whats the point of any lamp that you can’t use? I have to use the lamp to read, not just look good on my desk.

    I went through like 3-4 high end speciality lighting stores checking out LED lamps and back in 2007 only the Balmuda performed as good as it looked. If you check out the Balmuda they only use 4 LEDs, but each diode was extraordinarily bright. So when we were moving into new offices I wanted to get a dozen more Balmuda Highwires for my management staff, but they don’t make them any more so I had to start the hunt all over again. I spent the time to look and test out the current generation of LED lamps from all the major manufactures. I don’t know why so many of these lights are so dim (most were about 40 watt bulb in brightness) or were stuck using LED technology a generation back (even Balmuda used only 4 LEDs back in 2007, why are these companies using like 20, 30, 40 lousy LEDs in a single lamp). If we’re spending hundreds on a lamp the quality better be there.

    The only lamp that stood out were the desk lamps from IMG Lighting. The lighting quality is as good, maybe a bit better, than my Balmuda, and it seems to use the same formula as the Highwire by using a few high quality LEDs instead of a bunch of low quality ones. The other LED lamps from other makers were sleek in design, but they fell short when it came time to “shine.” Again, whats the point of a lamp if it won’t light up a desk. In the end, we bought IMG Lighting’s lamp for our offices and we’re very happy with them. I think Balmuda takes the cake when it comes to design with its sleek milled aluminum, but it was also expensive at $650 (back in 2007 too!). The IMG Lighting lamp it is great value for money.

  20. any one notice when companies use a bunch of LEDs their lamp just gets really really hot? with so many LEDs packed together it puts out brightness, but the trade off is lots of heat and less efficiency per diode. the lamps that are the best are the ones that use high efficient diodes. which is the whole point of LED desk lamps getting more light out of less energy. dl90 28 LEDs isn’t that just similar to a reskinned, old generation koncept lamp where they packed tons of diodes in the bar. i remember that koncept got flak because there were so many diodes they got super hot resulting in lots of dead diodes or diodes that would fade out.

    i think its just a cost issue. the high-end diodes by OSRAM and Cree are still expensive, but they score best in terms of lumen per watt consumption, lumen and lux output, and color rendering index.

    1. On the point of LED quality. Many LEDs are generic, unbranded LEDs made by local manufacturers in China and Taiwan. In the past 2-3 years, there’s still been huge quality control over the diodes – different brightness in the same batch of diodes, off set colors, etc…. They’ve also infringing on the patents of the big OSRAM and Philips LED makers.

      By far the OSRAM, Philips, or Cree LEDs have the best diodes and tighest quality control. They’re alot more expensive. Too bad so many companies don’t use them more because if you don’t start out with good LEDs, you don’t get a good lamp.

      The OSRAM LEDs are the most expensive.

  21. I have the Koncept Zbar when it came out. I wanted an upgrade cause the Z-bar’s buttons were dying on me so I got a Softech DL-90 Multi-Function LED after reading this review. On amazon it said Softech DL-90 was 1250 Lumens and Lamps Plus also said it was 1250 Lumen…. that is like 5x as bright as my Z-bar. The DL-90 is really only 1100 LUX (that is what the Softech Brochure says) not the 1250 LUMENS that was advertised (which is a huge difference, because the metrics are way different). I’m eyeing the DL-90 now and I saw its perhaps a bit brighter than the Koncept Z-bar’s 240 lumens, but not five times as bright. At least with the Softech they get rid of the LED rings /shadows that everyone complains about in the Koncept.

  22. Love the LED art lamp. Its really cool to have modern stylish art but its also a very functional lamp.

  23. I think these LED lights are very interesting and many are extremely attractive. However, I have a question about replacing the “bulb.” All the sales clerks I’ve talked to tell me the lights last 50,000 hours or more so I shouldn’t worry. That’s a cop out , as far as I’m concerned. What if the dog knocks the light of the table and lighting module breaks? There are any number of accidents that can cause the lamp to malfunction. Can these “bulbs” or lighting modules be replaced or do you have to get rid of the entire lamp?

      1. Thanks for the response but it really didn’t answer my question. Regardless of how the lamp might be damaged, how do you replace the bulb or light section of the lamp? What I want to know is whether or not one can replace that part or whether one has to get rid of the entire lamp? Thanks.

        1. “Regardless of how the lamp might be damaged” is sort of a hard qualifier. LEDs are absurdly durable; I mount them on bicycles, leave them out in the weather, and let my kids use them. On my bike, which gets more use than any of the kid’s bikes, I have not had an LED failure. I HAVE shaken the whole thing enough that a wire elsewhere in the lighting circuit simply cracked. I once hit a pothole hard enough that the shock cracked my front fender in half, but the front LED was not damaged.

          If you manage to damage the LED, you will need to replace the entire lamp for two reasons. #1, they’re not designed for replacement, #2, it’s hard to damage the LED without also damaging the lamp, unless there is some electrical screwup.

  24. I got a koncept Zbar after looking at this review. Im a bit disappointed because its really not that bright enough to be a desk lamp. You should look at how bright they are before you buy it. Lightinguniverse (they sell koncept) here is how bright they are Koncept Tech LED HL3100A Bar Mini LED Desk Lamp $164 with only 200 lumens, Koncept Tech LED HL1001A iBar LED Desk Lamp – 6 High Power LEDs $200 with only 300 lumens , and even the really extensive Equo $300 is only 250 Lumens. Bottom line Koncept Ibar looks cool, but with only 200 lumens or 300 lumens for their top of the line lamp it is not bright enough. The main reason why I bought a lamp to well light up my desk. =( shame cause when I returned it the online store hit me witha bunch of return fees. A desk lamp needs to be bright bottom line. Koncept isn’t.

  25. I recently bought an LED lamp at my local college bookstore. It’s similar to the Softech lamp shown here, but it doesn’t have as many features. It has three brighness settings, but no timer or USP charging port. I paid ~$80 for it. It’s from a company called PlanLED, although their website doesn’t show the lamp. For the money, I think it’s a good lamp.

  26. Z-Bar High Power LED Lamp- Silver/Cool
    The light is REALLY concentrated, as in only 1 foot of space receives 90% of the light. This light is sufficient for up to the width of an open text book, but not enough to light up more than that text book or your whole desk. Also, I can see dark spots on the lit area that correspond to the gaps between the LEDs of the bar. It’s a little nauseating when I’m trying to study, and it’s apparent enough that I can’t ignore it. The z-bar is really light and mobile, but I don’t move it much from my desk. It doesn’t emit any noticeable heat, but the bar gets really hot if you touch it (duh). Did I regret buying it for so much money? Yeah, as you can see I’m pretty dissatisfied with the illumination and those dark spots.

  27. Just cause I really am in the market to buy one. I though I would share what I learned on their websites. How many lumens they are producing, the cost and the cost per lumen.

    1. Koncept Z- Bar 240 Lumens (the big high power one one, not sure how many for the mini) at $165 on amazon. That is $0.69 per lumen.
    2. Finelite produces 363 lumens at $268 on amazon. That is $0.74 per lumen
    3. IMG Lighting’s Beacon 600 produces 600 lumens at $129 on amazon.com. That is $0.21 per lumen

  28. Nice would be good to see a comparison of how many lumens each of these LED Desk Lamps lights throw out? Like a table? The Koncept High Power didn’t seem that bright I needed like two of them to get the same light as a 100 w incadecent….

    1. The best I have seen was the DL-90 by Softech LED. Uses 27 high power daylight LED’s and has four modes and 20 levels of brightness. I saw it at the CES show in Vegas and they said amazon will have it by Feb 2011. supposed to be about $150 with touch controls and USB charging port.

      Link: Amazon.

  29. I bought the Tri-L Rechargeable lamp. I like it but its more of a portable lamp and less so of a desk lamp. I use it when Im traveling good for portable light.

    WoW WoW …. I just got sent the new IMG Lighting Lamp their Beacon LED Light. It really as bright as people say it is. This is the absolute workhorse of the LED lamps out there. I think if you need a functional lamp that is super bright this is it.

    Metaefficient has pretty spot on reviews. I picked their water filter and flashlight for camping trips and they really work well!

  30. For the “light on a stick” lamps (aka these bar type lamps), I’ve seen quite a few of these types of lamps that have strange patterns that mimic the pattern the LEDs are set in. So I get like 6 circles of light on my desk…. Its ok for like accent lighting or to set the mood for a room. I just find it a bit difficult to work by as they are quite distracting. After about 30 mins it just get annoying….

  31. i think led light is chelenging procut with comper with electric bulb&tubes because of power seving &long life. i intrested for circuit for 6/10/14/60 led lamp in series conection in put power is 230volt/50to60 Hz suply wher i got from net sight

  32. I can only find two of these LED Desk lamps on sale. IMG Lightings and Koncept. A friend has Koncept he uses it for accent lighting and say’s after six month the head started drooping =(

  33. Impressed by IMG Lighting. I got the black one after reading this review. The finish is just really impressive its super glossy and very finely done dual tone paint. Almost as good as my mercedes benz paint job…

    Its bloody bright too. I like to dim it does well to backlight the TV (you can adjust the ecolight’s color mix to give it this nice blue color). Great lamp.

  34. I bought the The Flip Rechargeable LED Desk and Travel Light. The neck is too short so it doesnt put light over the center of the desk. The light is also a wierd blueish color that I can’t get use to. I’d have to say having more lumens would have also helped.

  35. Switching off the A/C
    I had such a device which I used to switch off the Christmas tree. It plugged in like a 3-way outlet expander, and the tree lights were plugged into it. The wires from it were run along the wall to a point where we could reach the switch on the end. Voila! Turn lights on and off without crawling behind/under the tree!
    Someone should produce the thing in a low-profile form, and the switch could be taped onto the lamp’s power cord, near the lamp, where it would be handy.
    I bought my son a remote-switched outlet adapter for an oscillating fan, but it did involve a battery or two. I’m for the hard-wired ugly gadget! Functional is beautiful!

  36. I would have to say that IMG Lighting has the best touch sensor and color quality. Having both warm and white LEDs in in ONE light make a huge difference. The Koncept lights the quality was either way too yellow or way too white.

  37. I actually like IMG Lighting the best. It has both cool white and warm white light and a ipod like touch sensor. I see them on Amazon (here) and they are priced much less than these other products. Here is a description I found off of the website.

    EcoLight by IMG Lighting


    IMG Lighting luminaries bring high brightness, lower power consumption lighting to the home and office. From accent to task lighting, there is an IMG Lighting luminary built to suit your needs.

    EcoLight employs clean, stress free lighting LED technology that eliminates the harsh whites of fluorescent and the yellow glare of incandescent lighting making it ideal for reading, computer lighting, and general office task illumination. Employing power saving technology, EcoLight is an environmental friendly light that uses a fraction of energy required by traditional lamps. With the energy saved, EcoLight is a lamp that pay’s for itself. Touch sensitive controls effortlessly control lighting brightness and warmth. EcoLight is engineered with innovative OSRAM LED technology that provides a comfortable warm, clear lighting source.

    High-efficiency, ultra-bright LEDs require no more than 13 watts of power.Unique touchpad allows for adjustments in brightness and warmth of lights.Clear, crisp, bright light is ideal for reading, computer lighting and office tasks.Durable design engineered to last for over 50,000 hours of operation. No light bulbs to replace.


    – Five year warrantee
    – Touch sensitive controls: Power On/Off, Light Brightness, and Light Warmth
    – Lumens: 600 Lumens Light
    – Source Life: Rated for over 50,000 hours
    – Weight: 2000 grams / 4.4 pounds
    – Dimension: 240mm × 240mm × 544mm / 9.5in x 9.5in x 21.5in
    – Color Temperature: 3500k – 6000k +/- 500k
    – Fixture Efficacy: 70-80 Lm/W +/- 5Lm/W +/-50lm


  38. Shutting off the AC power would, of course, be 100% off. Unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive because people prefer to shut off power at the device rather than at the wall socket. This would mean putting the transformer inside the device, which would also require larger switches to meet UL standards. Perhaps the solution is a “brick” which could be shut off via an RF signal generated down the DC wire. That would require a battery in the device to turn it back on. So it goes.

    As mentioned, the 120VAC LED is the “holy grail” of lighting design .

  39. I found a nice little LED lamp in Lowes Lighting Dept. as part of Lowes’ “Portfolio” line. Only 29.99. This is a goose neck design about 20″ high. The base and lamp head are black plastic. The center shaft is metal or aluminum with a flexible point near the lamp head. The paperwork mentioned you will get approximately 10,000 hours of use. Connects to wall with an adapter. I am looking for a battery pack that could run the lamp when traveling. As with most LED lamps this one burns very cool. I’ve been running mine for about 24 hours and it is just slightly warm to the touch. One negative is that the lamp has limited adjustability but I think most consumers could live with it. Sorry, I could not find a picture of the this lamp online.

  40. There’s been plenty of work on power supplies; see ledsupply.com for various LEDs, lenses, and drivers. Most of the new drivers are based on switching power supplies and range between 85% and 95% efficiency. (I am a satisfied customer, otherwise no affiliation.)

    LEDs are either of a specific color (royal blue, blue, green, cyan, amber, orange-red, red) or are “white”, which is obtained by mixing a blue LED with phosphors that lengthen the frequencies provided. “White” LEDs are commonly available in “cool white” (which has looks like a welding arc), “neutral white” (to my eye, very nice, though it can be greenish), and “warm white”, which looks similar to a “warm white” fluorescent tube. In each case, the light is better-looking that what you get from a fluorescent tube, and the new white LEDs are as efficient (or better) than good fluorescents, but provide better directional control of their light. To get “rose” light, you would probably mix red and orange-red with some flavor of white. I read, somewhere, that mixing several cool whites with a red gives a nice-looking light, but I have not tried that myself. A typical modern power LED (Luxeon III, Luxeon Rebel, or CREE XRE) draws between 350mA and 1000 mA at 3.3 volts, and costs about $8 mounted on a puck. Cooling is an issue; too much heat shortens their life, and they are more efficient at cooler temperatures anyway.

    If you were doing do-it-yourself, you could assemble a really ugly lamp that produced in the neighborhood of 700-900 lumens of light, drawing 11 watts, for about $120 (I have exactly that under my kitchen cabinets, so the ugly is hidden from view, but the light is not. Having all the LEDs spread out across the bottom of the cabinets is also beneficial to the cooling). LEDs are still blessedly expensive; I currently use them in places where the efficiency and/or durability matters (bicycle), or where they are on often, and their low profile is beneficial (under cabinet).

  41. If the power switch for the light is on the AC side, before the transformer/DC power supply; then I would think ANY light could not draw power. Someone please correct me if i am wrong.

  42. I would like to know if you can get LED-lights in a rose colored hue? I found out by accident that I can concentrate on text much better in rose colored light.

  43. I think as time goes on you’ll see LED’s that will run on 120 volt AC . This will get rid of the inefficent transformers that are currently used. On the other hand induction technology may by that time make LED be the “betamax” of our time

  44. Oh– would be nice if you included material use and packaging into consideration. A great metal (recyclable) lamp could have a stupid package…

    The last lamp looks like its plastic (what kind?) and it contains a battery… what kind?

  45. I would figure LEDs would be fine as long as you actually switch them off… An incomplete circuit is all one needs no?

    My concern is AC->DC conversion as well. Cheap powerbricks are a big problem everywhere and I’m sure there are stats somewhere about how many coal plants we waste each month… Even a good powerbrick is going to drain something all the time.

    What we need is progress on DC powered devices; I like that google is working on a standard for DC. What about something along those lines? Or perhaps a Energy Star for DC devices? To get certified for the label, you follow rules such as placing the SWITCH on the AC instead of the DC line– which cuts the drain from the transformer in those ‘bricks’…

    Perhaps a standard for AC-DC transformers?
    How about all these lights using 48V DC with 2 AC wires for switching off the brick– standardized with the same plug. This means DC wired houses and standard power bricks could be used instead of the custom bricks for each DC device that we currently have.

  46. @ EfficiencySeeker,

    LEDs are not perfect diodes (actually, there’s no such thing as an ideal diode). So, as long as there’s some voltage on the LEDs, there will be some current drain. Also, I’m guessing that a lot of the power drain while the device is off is coming from the power supply (LEDs are DC components, so you have an AC->DC transformer burning up some power) and the electronics driving the LEDs.

    1. When you turn off the light you turn of the main switch so there is no electricity to waste.

      There is no need to put a light to sleep mode.

      This is just a marketing gimmick to confuse the consumer.

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